How to Care for Your Stockton, CA Lawn in the Summer

Living in Stockton presents some unique problems for homeowners as our weather often results in rapid decline of your lawn and ornamental plants. Trying to maintain those beautiful appearances can be a challenge that many are left stumped as to how to overcome seasonal issues. The dense soil, recurring droughts, and bothersome pests can be a destructive combination for your lawn if you don’t take the right precautions.

What is damaging my lawn

No one wants to have the only brown, patchy lawn on the block. Not only are such yards an eyesore, but pests are most likely causing the damage. The summer heat and dryness only compound the difficulty of lawn maintenance. There is hope! Each lawn is unique, and various lawn care practices will ensure that you have the best possible yard this year.

There are several types of insects and wildlife that can quickly kill your grass, plants, and trees, giving your yard a dead and wilted look. There are a couple of different methods you can choose between to prevent and treat pests of any type.

For example, roses are the star of any garden, but aphids and whiteflies can quickly destroy them. Make sure you protect your roses early in the springtime with a rose care service that puts an insecticide into the soil around rose bushes. You don’t need to replace rose bushes every year when you take professional precautions before they show signs of decay.

Roses aren’t the only plants affected by pests. The trees in your yard are just as susceptible to hungry insects like aphids, borers, whiteflies, Japanese beetles, leafhoppers, leafminers, scale insects, and thrips. Instead of using generic soil treatments, try the innovative tree injections that limit contact with external animals and the amount of pesticide used. Purchasing DIY products from stores is always a hassle. With little to no instructions or personal experience, trying to save your lawn on your own can be an act of futility.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, some on the larger end. Wildlife such as gophers make their home throughout the state, especially in the Stockton area. The mounds, holes, and tunnels they make can ruin your grass, plant roots, and garden’s aesthetic. If you find wildlife on your property, always call the trained professionals at AAI Pest Control to remove the critters and clean up the damage with our gopher damage repair service. Click here to read our guide on gopher prevention tips that you can use today.

Weeds also provide a substantial problem for general lawn care. Some plants are incredibly stubborn and difficult to eliminate, even after weeks of physical removal and treatment. Picking them out one by one, every weekend is a hassle, especially when they grow back very quickly. Bring in the professionals to give your lawn the best care possible and remove the weeds while protecting your plants.

The final, and arguably most important service for homeowners, is lawn fertilizer. There are plenty of fertilizer products that you can purchase and use on your own. With the right product, you can fertilize your lawn on your own. However, doing so can take up a lot of time and effort. Get it right the first time with professional services. Say goodbye to bare patches and dull grass with a personalized lawn fertilizer treatment for your yard.

How can I prevent my lawn from dying?

In addition to these top-notch services, it is vital to give your lawn some regular love and care. These tips are especially important if your area is experiencing a drought, as water conservation is essential.

  • Aerate the soil. Lawn care can be incredibly difficult with the compact soil that does not readily absorb the water. You can aerate the ground by hand or with a machine to ensure the earth is soaking up all the liquid any time you water.
  • Mow wisely. Don’t cut your grass too short in the summertime, or else it will dry out. Longer grass helps keep water in the soil despite the heat and strengthens the roots.
  • Water appropriately. Ensure the soil is soft and ready to absorb the liquid, and then water at the appropriate time for maximum consumption. Ideally, you would water in the early morning for at least twenty minutes.
  • Compost kitchen scraps. If your lawn is consistently suffering from brown patches, try using homemade compost by utilizing kitchen scraps and eggshells.

What lawn care services does AAI Pest Control provide?

Proper lawn care can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you experience consistent problems. Due to the California drought we are careful to abide by water rules, however just because of water restrictions that doesn’t mean you have to let your lawn and yard go altogether. AAI Pest Control offers several options to keep your lawn in top shape.

We provide the following lawn care services:

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How to Care for Your Stockton, CA Lawn in the Summer Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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