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Avoiding Winter Pests

Common Fall and Winter Pests and How to Avoid Them

Many people think that as the temperature drops, their pest woes can be forgotten momentarily. That is partially true. While many pests that invade properties tend to be inactive, enter into hibernation, or die during the fall and winter, some species are known to be more active during the latter half of the year. Some of these even wind their way inside homes for heat and comfort.

Listed here are a few common fall and winter pests and how to avoid them:

Stink bugs

Stink bugs are some of the most common pests encountered by homeowners during the fall season. They are a relatively new pest in the United States, so pest control experts do not know exactly how to predict their behavior and control their presence inside a home. Your best defense against these bugs is to seal cracks in and around your home. This will not just keep the stink bugs out, but other bugs listed below as well. 


Majority of the members of a wasp colony will die due to freezing during the winter. However, there are a few which manage to survive by finding hospitable areas, like the inside your home. We have seen this happen in the homes of a few clients in Stockton already this year. It’s a strange pest problem to have during the winter but something to be aware of nonetheless. 

The best thing that you can do is to regularly survey your property and detect the presence of wasps. You should also seal possible entry points like cracks and gaps. When you do find a colony of wasps, call in professionals to handle the problem for you. These insects have a reputation of being aggressive and dangerous.


Spiders can be found inside homes practically year round. However, the males of the species tend to be more active during the fall season as they look for potential mates.

In order to avoid the buildup of spider webs, it is advisable to keep your home clean and orderly. You can spray rosemary and peppermint essential oils to prevent more spiders from entering your home.


Like spiders, cockroaches can be found inside homes practically year round. Your best defense against these pests is to keep the home clean and to immediately remove their potential food sources and hiding places. Cockroaches breed quickly and can become a reoccurring problem in your home if they are no controlled properly. 


Rats and mice can invade your home as they try to find refuge from the cold. It does not help that their anatomies allow them to slip past even the tiniest spaces. The best thing that you can do is to seal possible entry points. You may also want to put trees and shrubs at least three feet away from your home. Your local pest control company can help identify possible entry points you may not be aware of to help solve the problem.

Wild Animal Trapping 

With their regular food supplies running low, scavengers like raccoon, coyotes and opossums venture into homes looking for food.

Your best defense against these animals is to eliminate their potential food sources in your home. Keep trash bins tightly closed. Do not leave food remnants from your pet’s meals outdoors. Also, prevent your pets from coming into contact with these mammals. While Raccoons look sweet and innocent they are capable of doing some serious damage with their claws. We advise against confronting them or sending your pets to scare them away. Contact your local pest control company to set up safe and humane animal traps. 

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