How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches in My Modesto, CA Home?

You just turned the lights on in your kitchen, and you see the dreaded scattering of insects under the cabinets. Maybe you went to the bathroom late at night and saw the same scenario. You probably have a cockroach problem. Many homeowners in Modesto, CA have cockroaches living in their home and are struggling to understand where they came from and how to eliminate them.

Southern California has one of the worst cockroach populations because we have warm, wet springs, making it ideal for cockroaches to breed and find their way into homes. Turkestan or Oriental cockroaches are the most common in our area. Roaches, like most pests, are attracted to warm and damp environments. This makes basements or other dark places in Modesto homes ideal. While they are attracted to food or areas where it is easy to scavenge, it is almost impossible to avoid the occasional roach.

They can get into your home through cracks in the foundation or other very small tears in screens or doors. After that, roaches tend to hide under the fridge, in the back of a pantry, or shelving. These are spaces where it is easy for crumbs to accumulate and where they will not often be disturbed. Anywhere that clutter exists can attract roaches, especially amongst cardboard boxes.

How can I tell if I have cockroaches in my house?

While seeing the occasional roach will probably make you jump, it’s not always an indicator of a big problem. Since cockroaches are so common in Southern California, you probably will see a few here and there. Here is how you know if you have a bigger issue on your hands:

  • Dark droppings around your home that look like coffee grounds
  • Black or brown smear marks on walls or flooring
  • Shedding skin
  • Sudden allergies at any time of year
  • More than one roach

Another sign of roaches is their smell. You may notice your home has a musty smell. Cockroaches leave this behind to attract others, so the stronger the scent, the worse the infestation could be.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

What’s worse than the damage that roaches cause is the effect they have on humans. Roaches can often carry disease. Beyond that, they can cause allergic reactions, swelling or itching, or respiratory issues. This is one reason it’s important to know how to get rid of roaches and how to do it effectively.

How can I prevent cockroaches from getting into my home?

The problem with roaches is that they breed quickly and are often immune to most store-bought insecticides. These factors make dealing with a roach problem extremely difficult on your own.

Your best solution is to get rid of their food source. It’s important to seal your containers and make sure to wash dishes immediately after use.

Another good prevention method is to make sure you are routinely vacuuming in dark areas or quickly collecting dust, such as under the fridge or behind furniture. These are places that roaches will flock to if they make it into your home.

If you already have a more severe roach infestation, you can use sticky traps. These traps are a good way to confirm that you have an infestation if you’re finding one or two roaches in your home. However, this is not a permanent solution because it does not address every roach within a household during an infestation.

How can AAI Pest Control get rid of cockroaches?

The best solution is always to call in the pest professionals at AAI Pest Control to ensure that pests are completely out of your home. This is especially true with cockroaches considering the danger they pose to your health. Call us or fill out the contact form on this page to set up an inspection.

How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches in My Modesto, CA Home? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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