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Habits that Attract Pests into Your Home

Habits that Attract Pests into Your Home

Some people may not know that some of their seemingly harmless habits are encouraging pests to enter and stay in their homes. This article discusses some of the common things that Stockton pest control professionals find in the homes of people with persistent pest problems.

If You Hoard or Pile Items You’ll Attract Pests

You can bet your last dollar that your home will never be completely free from pests if you are in the habit of piling things, such as newspapers, in different parts of your home. Such hoarded items provide prime nesting spots for some species of pests, such as rats and mice. Those hoarded items can also be a food source for some pests. Stockton pest control experts, therefore, advise their clients to get rid of anything they hardly use. Doing so will eliminate an attractive environment for pests.

If You Postpone Fixing Leaks, You’ll Attract Pests

That dripping faucet may be costing you a little more than the water you lose. Moisture is one of the biggest requirements of different pests, such as roaches and rats. And, a leak doesn’t have to be serious in order to sustain a pest population. Even a slightly wet spot on the floor provides enough water as long as you never dry that spot fully. It is therefore imperative that you find and fix any water leaks on your property so that you don’t unwittingly make the home attractive to pests. Get rid of any standing water outdoors as well.

If You Hardly Check the Screens You’ll Attract Pests

The screens on your doors and windows are there for a purpose, that is, to keep insects out. You may be unwittingly inviting pests into your home if you take very long to check those screens for defects. Any tiny hole or damage on the screen can be just the opening different insects need to crawl into your home. AAI Pest Control, a pest control company in Stockton, recommends that any damaged screen should be replaced so that pests don’t take advantage and find a way into your home.

If Your Housekeeping Is Casual, You’ll Attract Pests

Pests are likely to take up residence in your home if you aren’t vigilant about housekeeping. For example, are you the type of person who buys fast food and leaves the containers lying around your house for several days before taking them out with the trash? Do you eat from anywhere and later discover food crumbs in unexpected places, such as underneath the cushions on your chairs? These habits favor pests and will ensure that your protracted efforts to completely eliminate pests from your home will bear less than ideal results.

If You Are a Sporadic Gardener, You’ll Attract Pests

Does your love for taking care of plants blow hot and cold? Lack of consistency in plant care can set you up for problems with pests. For instance, taking too long to water your indoor plants can create an opportunity for spiders to spin their webs around those plants. Similarly, Stockton pest control experts have traced the origin of the pests in some homes to the overgrown weeds in the garden outside. Give your plants a little more TLC, and you will not only get a bigger harvest from those plants, but you will also deal pests a deathblow.

If Your Neighbors Avoid Pest Control, You’ll Attract Pests

When it comes to controlling pests, it pays to have a concerted effort involving your neighbors as well, especially if you live in an apartment complex. This subject is touchy, so raise the matter in a way that won’t make your neighbors think that you are accusing them of fermenting a pest problem in the area. Rather, show them that you would all benefit if you synchronized your efforts to keep pests out or control an infestation.

DIY efforts can only go so far in taming a pest problem on your property. Engage the experienced professionals at AAI Pest Control for a lasting solution to your property’s pest problem. Our experts will identify any habits that may have been encouraging pests to get into your home, and you will use this awareness to make the necessary changes. You should note that not all pest problems occur due to a commission or omission on your part, so don’t beat yourself up each time pests attack your home. Just call AAI Pest Control, and we will deal with the problem swiftly and decisively.

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