How to get rid of gnats and fruit flies

How to Get Rid of Gnats and Fruit Flies

How to Get Rid of Gnats and Fruit Flies

Gnats and fruit flies can invade your home and become a nuisance within a short time if you don’t know what to do to manage this pest attack. AAI Pest Control applicators and pest inspectors share how to get rid of black gnats and fruit flies in order to prevent them from causing other problems, such as spreading bacteria from deep in your kitchen drains.

1. Purchase a Gnat Trap

One of the easiest ways by which you can get rid of black gnats is by purchasing and using a gnat trap. There are so many varieties on the market that you may find it hard to select the most effective one. Contact Modesto pest control professionals for advice about the best brand to purchase. It is also advisable to place these traps in different sections of your property so that the menace can be contained quickly since these pests reproduce rapidly.

2. Make Your Own Vinegar Trap

Many people who want to know how to get rid of black gnats and fruit flies are interested in home remedies that are safe. Making a gnat trap from vinegar is one of the safest DIY methods available. Get a liter of water and mix a tablespoon of sugar, two of vinegar and some drops of soap. Mix these ingredients thoroughly so that they form a uniform solution. Pour this solution into different containers and put them around the places infested with black gnats and fruit flies. The smell of the apple cider vinegar will attract the black gnats and fruit flies and they will drown due to the soap in the mixture.

3. Use Bleach

You can also use bleach or ammonia to kill drain gnats or flies. Dilute the bleach or ammonia and pour it down the drain. Avoid the temptation of mixing these two substances (ammonia and bleach) as a way of getting better results. The resultant concoction will form toxic fumes that may harm you or your family members. Protect your eyes and respiratory system with the appropriate PPE when pouring ammonia or bleach solutions down the drain.

This method may give limited results in case the gnats or flies are breeding from the deeper recesses of your drains. You should therefore be prepared to consider other professional methods implemented by Stockton pest control experts if you don’t see a reduction in the infestation after you have poured bleach or ammonia down the affected drains.

4. Use Red Wine

Another way to get rid of black gnats and fruit flies is by mixing some soap in red wine and leaving this mixture in open containers. The smell of the red wine will attract the pests and the soap in that solution will finish them off since they will drown in that sticky mixture. Don’t sacrifice your vintage wine for this purpose. Any cheap red wine you buy will do just fine.

5. Use an Insect Fogger

Black gnat swarms and fruit flies can be particularly hard to eliminate using the methods discussed earlier. These swarms are better dealt with using a fogger. The specific fogger that you buy will depend on whether the swarm is indoors or outdoors. Talk to a Modesto pest control expert and get recommendations about the appropriate type of fogger if you don’t have any experience in using these products. The fogger will get rid of all the gnats and fruit flies spread over a wide area of your home or yard.

6. Put Rotten Fruits to Good Use

All those rotten fruits (which may have attracted the black gnats and fruit flies in the first place) should not be put to waste. Use them to create an improvised trap for the black gnats and fruit flies. Get a plastic container and place a rotten fruit inside. Punch tiny holes into a piece of plastic covering that container and leave the container where you have observed the gnats and fruit flies. They will struggle to enter the container through the tiny holes and they will remain trapped inside until you dispose of them.

Call Modesto pest control experts for help in case the DIY measures above don’t yield the desired outcomes. The professionals will use their skills and experience to treat your home against the black gnats and fruit flies. Use that opportunity to ask the AAI Pest Control applicators how to prevent future infestations of black gnats and fruit flies.

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