Get Rid of Bathroom Bugs

Don’t you just hate finding creepy crawlers and pesky fliers in your bathroom? One moment you’re scrubbing yourself clean, and the next, you’re shrieking angrily at this rude bathroom bugs that’s landed on your foot.  

That’s actually a “mild” situation; things can get seriously worse if a cockroach decides to make an appearance while you’re in the bathroom. A lot of people have gotten into accidents in the bathroom because of a roach.

Bathroom bugs are hard to avoid because the bathroom presents an ideal climate for them. There’s water, moisture, and gunk – three elements that pests like silverfish, drain flies, cockroaches, mold mites, water bugs, and house centipedes like. But there are ways of controlling them, according to AAI Pest Control; five of these helpful techniques are provided below.

De-gunk your drain every week.

You know that black film that settles around the interior of your drainpipes? You need to get rid of that as frequently as you can to prevent drain flies from inhabiting your bathroom.

Commercial drain cleaners are effective, but if you don’t feel like heading to the store for a bottle, try mixing salt, baking soda, and vinegar. The corrosive action from that mixture can help get rid of drain gunk.

Make sure there aren’t any leaks in your bathroom.

Take care of that leaky faucet and the small crack in your water pipe that releases a string-like stream of water. In doing so, not only will you lower your monthly water bill, but you’ll also make the bathroom less ideal for cockroaches seeking shelter.

Air out your bathroom often.

Doing this will reduce the moisture in the room and prevent the development of molds that mold mites like to feed on. However, if you already have a serious mold problem in your bathroom, you need to call in the pros for removal because molds spread, and they’re quite harmful to health.

Seal cracks around windows and doors.

These are common entry points for all kinds of pests you’ll find in the house.

Dehumidify your entire house.

Don’t just air out your bathroom to help get rid of moisture; use a dehumidifier in different parts of your house. That’s because the drier your home is, the less attractive it is to pests.

If you want a faster solution to bathroom bugs, the smartest thing to do if you live in Modesto is to hire the services of a Modesto pest control company. The professionals have the equipment, products, and expertise in dealing with these pests. Not only will they treat infestation effectively, but they’ll also educate you on how to prevent pests from setting up camp in your home.

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