How to Get Rid of Aphids: A Simple Pest Control Guide

Bugs have always been the enemy of plants. Although some insects help plants grow and pollinate, most bugs have the tendencies to be pests, such as aphids.

More commonly known as plant lice, aphids are small, harmful insects that feed on plant saps. They are considered pests because they consume so much sap in a plant that gardeners or farmers often suffer from withering vegetation or plant life. As such, people always search for online tips on how to get rid of aphids.

Check your plants regularly for honeydew build-up

One of the best ways to identify whether aphids are already infesting your garden is by checking if your plants now have honeydew around their leaves or stems. Honeydew is the liquid substance that aphids secrete and that ants consume for nourishment. Since it has been proven that honeydew is one of ants’ favorite delicacies, the sudden emergence of ants in your garden may also signal plant lice infestation.

Watch out for early aphid presence

What’s good about aphid infestation is that the bugs don’t swarm your garden in a day. Small groups show up on your plants first before they start breeding and multiplying. During the early stages, it would be best to have them driven away immediately to prevent uncontrollable pest infestation in the future. In doing so, you must constantly check your plants’ stems and leaves if there are a couple of aphids already present. Once spotted, you can simply hose them down or apply soap spray to chase them away. Remember that it is always the best option to go for natural pest control methods as they have higher chances of keeping your plants healthy. Use chemical control only when the situation is too severe to manage.

Use of chemical-based pest control

There are pest control compounds that are safe to use by inexperienced gardeners or first-time pest control users. Such chemical agents are capable of stunning, repelling, and even killing bugs in small numbers. However, if the situation becomes too much to handle, there are professional pest exterminators like a Modesto pest control company that can assist you with your pest problems. Such experts are equipped with the most advanced pest control tools and the latest pest control knowledge that can keep your garden healthy while they eliminate aphids.

Gardening or farming is real tough work, which is why it would be such a waste to just let your plants wither because of aphids. That said, you should always be on the lookout for all insects, not just aphids, that could take over and destroy the product of your hard work.

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How to Get Rid of Aphids: A Simple Pest Control Guide Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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