Have You Ever Wondered “What Is Fumigation?”

What Is Fumigation?

Your home is infested with termites. The pest control company you hired to check your property has recommended fumigation. But a common question is “What is fumigation?”

Pest control fumigation is a procedure wherein a home or building is sealed and covered using canvas tarps. The use of canvas tarps to seal and cover a structure ensures that the chemicals or fumigants used can penetrate timber in the property and kill the termites present.

When is this procedure necessary?

Quite simply, a lot of homeowners do not want their homes to be fumigated. The reasons vary. For one, many are against the use of fumigants which can be dangerous to both humans and animals.

Another reason why many property owners are against fumigation is the fact that the procedure can disrupt your home life (or in the case of a business, its operations). This is because fumigation can take several days to complete; you will not be allowed to enter your home or office and you may have to stay elsewhere for the time being.

However, there are a few reasons why fumigation is the best option to deal with a pest problem.

One of the reasons why pest control companies recommend fumigation is because the property is infested with drywood termites. This species of termite can survive by feeding on a diverse array of organic material and not just wood.

Infestation of other pests like powderpost beetles and bed bugs may also require the use of fumigation. Usually, a trusted Modesto pest control company will only recommend fumigation when the pest that has infested a property is deemed to be difficult to eliminate using other methods.

What exactly happens during this treament?

This is a four-step process.

The whole process begins with tenting, wherein the property is covered with tarps. This is followed by the sealing off of ventilation holes which ensures that the fumigants remain trapped inside the property.

Once the building has been sealed, all occupants must leave the home. After that, the fumigants are pumped into the building, seeping through all structures and household items left inside.

The fumigants are left to steep inside the home anywhere between 24 to 74 hours. After that period, the building is defumigated and the canvas tarps are removed.

Finally, your Stockton pest control company will check the property to determine whether the infestation is already under control or not. The pest control professionals may also apply spot treatments.

Have You Ever Wondered “What Is Fumigation?” Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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