Flea Prevention

Flea Prevention | How to Stop Fleas From Getting Into Your Home

How to Prevent Fleas From Getting Into Your Home

Flea prevention is a huge part of pest control. You don’t want fleas in your home. They are a nuisance to both humans and animals, and they can be downright dangerous to pets, possibly causing medical problems such as allergies, tapeworms, hair loss, and other forms of skin irritation. Because they’re parasites, they can also cause anemia, especially among young pets. Severe anemia can be fatal to them.

Having established that they’re a menace, you need to learn how to prevent fleas from invading your home. For effective pest management, you need to understand how they operate. You need to know about their four stages – egg, larva, pupa, and adult – and take measures so that they don’t find their way into your home in any of these.

An effective flea prevention program addresses the following areas:

  • Sanitation
  • Flea prevention products
  • Wildlife
  • Pets
  • Outdoor problems

These are interconnected. Fleas aren’t bred by poor sanitation, but they do tend to stay and flourish in dirty and messy places. Keeping your property clean and tidy discourages fleas from surviving and thriving. Even if they were able to make their way in, they’ll stand out in a clean home and be dealt with accordingly. Vacuuming alone can take care of fleas in all their stages. Keeping your yard neat and trimmed will keep wildlife and stray pets, both sources of fleas, from loitering on your property and sharing their parasites with you and your pets.

Options for Flea Prevention

Nonetheless, even a completely spic and span home may somehow find itself hosting fleas. There are flea control products that you can use, but it’s safer and more efficient to get a Modesto pest control company to take care of any flea population, meager though it may be, in your property.

Steps to Flea Prevention

Naturally, there are steps you must take as a homeowner to prevent fleas from taking over your home. What are these?

  • Maintain your lawns. Don’t give these pests and their hosts hiding places and food sources.
  • Vacuum indoors regularly. Pay extra attention to where your pets spend a lot of time. Don’t skip running your vacuum beneath furniture.
  • Address bigger pests. If they don’t come around, they won’t bring their fleas over.
  • Report stray pets. If you know the owners to be reasonable, you can talk to them, but responsible people rarely let their well-cared for pets wander freely around the neighborhood.
  • Invest in flea prevention products. Prevention is better and cheaper than elimination, so use the right products on your home.

The best way is to be proactive. Learning how to prevent fleas from invading your home will keep you from having to deal with the bigger problem of infestation down the road. Contact your local Stockton pest control company at AAI Pest Control. The friendly professionals can help you create the best flea prevention plan that is suitable for your home. 

Flea Prevention | How to Stop Fleas From Getting Into Your Home Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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