Wasp nest

What to do when you find a wasp nest

How to Handle a Wasp Nest on Your Property

How do you spot a wasp nest? What should you do when you find one on your property?

Here are the steps that you need to undertake.

Signs you have a wasp problem

The best indicator of a wasp infestation in your property is seeing high numbers of these insects outdoors. This simply means that there is a nest on your property or nearby.

A single nest can contain thousands of these insects; it is highly advisable to destroy the nest early in the year before they become more aggressive and harm your loved ones.

Identifying wasp nests

If the nest looks like an upside-down umbrella, that means that you have paper wasps on your property. Over time, the nests become larger, with adult insects becoming more aggressive in their defense of their home.

A yellow jacket nest can be found in wall voids and cavities in the ground. Like paper wasps, yellow jackets are aggressive when they perceive a threat and are disturbed. These insects can swarm in large numbers.

European hornet nests are often found in natural cavities while bald-faced hornets have nests that have a papery shell exterior.

Mud daubers, as their name implies, build nests out of mud or clay which can be found in different parts of a home, including cracks in the masonry, stone and timber structures like sheds.

Locating the nest

The easiest way to find where wasps nest is to follow their flight path. If you suspect that these insects have built a nest on your property, it is a good idea to keep windows shut. On the other hand, if you believe that these insects have built a nest in your attic or on a wall, enlist the aid of professionals.

With the exception of mud daubers, wasps build nests out of chewed wood. This gives the nest a papery exterior.

The nest is built by the queen. Eventually, the nest grows larger as the first batch of eggs matures and the young become workers. Around summer, the size of the nest becomes considerably larger.

 Who should take care of the wasp nest?

If you have found the location of the wasp nest on your property, should you attempt to eliminate it by yourself or get expert help?

You should never attempt to remove a nest on your own if you are sensitive to the sting of these insects. Attempting to remove the nest can disturb the wasps which, in turn, can lead to an attack and stings.

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