Can Feral Cats Help Rodent Control?

Can Feral Cats Help Rodent Control

Rodents destroy homes and endanger health. They’ll chew through electrical wires. They’ll cause structural damage to wood. They’ll transmit diseases through bites and urine. So you’ll want to get rid of these pests the moment you spot them in your property.  Rodent damage to a home is no joke. 

Instead of using traditional rat traps, which do not always work, and applying chemicals or toxic sprays, which are not safe, you may want to bring home a feral cat or two (depending on the degree of infestation in your home). Cats are playful creatures by nature, chasing rodents and insects whenever they can. Therefore, we must ask the question, Can feral cats help rodent control? Many Professional pest control companies would say that this method of rodent control is not proven and can become more of a nuisance than the pests themselves. At AAI we are all for long term solutions, so lets explore whether feral cats can help rodent control.  

Cat vs. Rodent

Feral cats are domestic cats that have been abandoned a long time or have not had human contact since they were born. In communities across the country, people are recognizing that feral cats can help rodent control needs. And do so in a green and very effective way. Feral cats have a natural instinct as exterminators. They not only go after rodents but their very presence also deters pest infestation. It has been said that feral cats have a scent that is repellent to rodents. So when these pests catch a whiff of feral cats roaming your property, they quickly take off. Again, this has not been scientifically proven, but is a common thought. 

As effective exterminators and deterrents, feral cats are definitely the eco-friendly way to get rid of rodents. They are also the humane option to using toxic sprays and chemicals, which are quite the painful way for pests to die.

Working Cats

If you don’t have a cat at home, you can head to your local shelter and adopt a barn cat. This is what pet adoption agencies and non-profit shelters call working cats. These are feral cats that have been taken into the shelter and neutered or spayed. In many California shelters, these cats come for free and they have already had their shots.

If you adopt a feral cat today, you might also save them from being euthanized.

California is not the only state that’s putting cats to work. From LA to Chicago, communities are implementing managed care programs for feral cats to control rodent population. And varying accounts of property owners attest to the fine extermination job and preventive measure that feral cats provide.

Barn cats are placed in suburbs, apartment buildings, factories, barns, and other commercial properties that have rodent infestation.

Of course, feral cats might take a few days to rid your property of rodents. If your extermination needs are more immediate, you should get in touch with your local pest control service that uses environmentally friendly and innovative solutions. As we mentioned before, long term pest control is always the best solution. 

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