The Most Common Fall Pests

The Most Common Fall Pests You Should Keep An Eye Out For

Everybody looks forward to fall – it’s the much-awaited respite from the intense heat of the summer, and who doesn’t love the magnificent color transformation of foliage? The only unfortunate thing about this cozy season is there are some pests that find it the perfect time to retreat to your home.

Here are the most common fall pests you should keep an eye out for as well as the effective ways to prevent them from sharing your home.


Different kinds of ants easily get attracted to the unique scent of homes during the fall. They usually make their way in through the cracks and holes in your home’s structure. To prevent them from overtaking your home, keep your home clean and seal all those holes and cracks. Likewise, avoid storing firewood in your home even if you’ll be using it frequently because of cold nights. If you already have ants in your home, a reliable Modesto pest control company advises using repellents as well.

Bed bugs 

Infestation is very common in the fall after families return from summer trips. Many end up bringing the bugs home from their accommodation. These are much harder to get rid of once you discover them in your sheets and mattresses. It’s best to leave them to the capable hands of pest control companies because it truly is difficult to pinpoint the different places they inhabit, and they will ensure that the bugs are killed off properly.


These are the worst – they stink, they bite, and they’re carriers of 33 kinds of bacteria that can trigger asthma and other respiratory ailments. Cockroaches love places that are damp and the cool autumn weather presents the best conditions for their population. The pest control experts say that the best way to prevent these freaky pests from proliferating is to keep your home properly sanitized and to repair leaks in your plumbing. Also, get rid of clutter because roaches are attracted to paper and plastic.


Mice and rats are certainly going to look for a warm environment this autumn and the last thing you want is for these furry little things to cozy up in your home; like other pests, they are carriers of germs and bacteria, along with other things that can compromise your family’s health. Rodents are cunning invaders, so don’t give them any reason to come into your home. Take your trash out properly and make sure that you don’t leave out food. Make sure that all entry points are covered as well.

Stink bugs

These see people’s homes as their home for the fall. They are not especially harmful, but they do stink up a space. They can also damage everything from clothes to furniture and other items that are made of fabric. You can get rid of them by regularly vacuuming around your home and furniture and patching up big holes in your window and door screens. You can also use insecticides for them.

Regular visits from the Modesto pest control professionals can also help prevent unwanted fall pests. Call AAI Pest Control today to schedule a visit.

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