How to Effectively Get Rid of German Cockroaches

Cockroaches are among the oldest insects known. They are omnivorous, and that means they will eat anything — any type of food. In addition, they nibble paper, destroy books, and eat soiled clothing, hair, leather, and even dead animals. They prefer the dark and scurry away from the light.

German cockroaches, along with the brown-banded ones, are among the most common kinds spotted in kitchens and bathrooms. Like any other types of household pests, they are difficult to get rid of.

For one, they easily multiply. And second, they become resistant to previously applied chemicals. The damage they bring to your home plus the disturbance they cause your entire household can be very serious.

So what is the best way to get rid of german cockroaches?

A reliable Modesto pest control company shares some tips for controlling these pests the more effective way.

  • Use products that are able to kill the whole intrusion of cockroaches.

The best technique is to use roach baits.

These products do not kill them upon eating. And they are also safe for you and your family. Place them in areas where these roaches usually go – under the kitchen sink, behind the trash bins, and also under or behind your kitchen appliances such as the fridge and stove. For the baits in gel, apply it onto kitchen cabinets, doors, and windows. Just make sure they are beyond your children’s reach.

Once they consume the bait (which they think is food), they will also take some to their nest. They won’t realize it’s a poison because the product is designed to kill an intrusion of cockroaches slowly while the cycle of eating and bringing some to their nest keeps going.

Another technique is to use boric acid powder.

Roaches use their mouths to groom themselves. This simply means they will ingest the powder once their body comes into contact with the powder and eventually die.

  • Do not feed them.

You may not be aware of it, but your lifestyle may be contributing to their existence. When you leave your kitchen uncleaned overnight, you are feeding them unintentionally. Roaches come out when everything’s dark. So before going to bed, you have to clean everything, particularly the kitchen or where you’ve eaten. Keep the counter tops and tables free from anything they can eat. Put all food in sealed containers. Sweep the floors. Wash the dishes as soon as possible. Keep every surface dry so they won’t be able to get a drink.

  • Do regular house maintenance.

At least once a month, you have to check your house for leaky faucets and drains, cracks, holes, and gaps where roaches can possibly enter. Always put a strainer in your sink so roaches won’t have access to your drainage. Use a trash can with a cover that can be sealed tight.

No matter what kind of products you use for eradicating a German cockroach infestation, remember that it is also vital to keep your house clean. Be consistent in cleaning every night before turning the lights off, and be persistent in applying roach baits and other treatment. Finally, be safe when using these products. Talk to your trusted pest control agent about the best product for your home.

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