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Effective Residential Rodent Control Strategies

Effective Rodent Control Strategies to Implement for Your Home

Small, furry little creepers in your home can make you very paranoid. They are destructive creatures that not only chew on structural components of your house and damage your furniture, but are also disease carriers. The more that you don’t know where they are, the more that you worry.

You can’t live your life sharing your home with them – they populate much faster, and of course, they don’t add any value to your life. Rodent control is a must and it needs to be done right away.

These are the things a Modesto pest control company says you can do to control those creepers from messing up your home and your quality of life, including the following:

1.      Take out your garbage every day. While rodents surely will have no problem finding their way to your cupboards and pantry, they will always target the trash first.

2.      Clear your surfaces of all food remnants because rodents can catch a whiff of these from outside your home and they will track the source.

3.      Get rid of boxes. Rodents love chewing on these so put all your paper items in the recycling bin instead of stocking them in a pile in your house.

4.      Use cleaning agents with scents that repel rodents. Seasoned pest control teams recommend:

·        Moth balls

·        Peppermint

·        Fabric softener

·        Ammonia

5.      Seal all entry points for these tiny pests. Cover holes with caulking and make sure that there are no big spaces between your door and the floor because rodents like mice and rats have surprisingly flexible bodies that easily squeeze in small spaces. Likewise, make sure that your drains are always properly covered.

6.      Get a cat. When you have a predator at home, most rodents would either easily get caught or get too scared to venture into your abode.

7.      Try a rodent repellent device such as an ultrasonic repellent. The sound this device emits irritates mice, rats, moles and other small, furry little creatures. This will drive them out of your home and discourage them from coming back.

8.      Finally, turn to a professional pest control management company. These people will not only find the rodents living in your home, but they will also identify how they got into your home so future infestations can be prevented. This is the most reliable strategy for rodent control because the pros will inspect your home thoroughly and discuss their pest removal methods with you to take into consideration your personal values and special concerns.

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