Do I Need Pest Control in the Winter in Stockton, CA?

During the winter months, many common pests take an extended holiday. The cooler climate encourages some to hibernate or seek refuge deep underground. However, some critters take a different route by seeking shelter in our homes. Once inside, these pests begin gestating, nesting, and waiting out the winter.

Still, there are some very active pests in the winter. Our Stockton homes and businesses become operation central for these pests for as long as we let them. After reading about these two groups of vermin, you’ll see the importance of not letting your guard down and having winter pest control Stockton, CA.

What pests can live indoors during the winter?

Pests in this group are active year-round, but they are incredibly busy in homes and businesses during the winter months. There is nothing dormant about these vermin. If they are operating in your home, you should take immediate action. Some members of this group are:

Can you think of a worse roster of pesky trouble makers?

Rats and mice spread diseases and contamination. By gnawing through wires and other objects, they can cause fires and property damage. Norway rats are very prevalent in the Stockton area. Also, they reproduce very quickly. In one winter, you could have over twenty rats or mice running around in your home.

Bed bugs are tiny nightmares. Their infestations have been on the rise in recent years. Once they get into your bed frame, box spring, or wallpaper, they are tough to eliminate. Bed bugs hitch rides on suitcases and secondhand items such as used couches. They thrive in the winter months because this is the busiest travel period of the year.

Roaches can make you sick in more ways than one. Just the thought of them can make most people cringe. With their droppings, they can contaminate food and surfaces. Also, they can cause damage to furniture and other items.

Roaches have survived through the centuries because they are strong and resilient. Their ability to slip through the smallest cracks makes most of your home available to them. Because they reproduce in large numbers, the presence of a few roaches in your home is a possible indication of a significant infestation.

What are overwintering pests?

This group of pests invades our homes to wait out the winter. Typically, they lay dormant and protect their growing larvae all winter. When spring comes, the expanded colonies emerge from their hiding places to reveal a massive infestation in your home and garden. Members of the group are:

To prevent a spring surprise, you must take proactive measures such as cleaning out your dusty attic or garage. Avoid having piles of leaves, wood, and refuge around your property. Also, having a quarterly inspection by a qualified pest control specialist would put your mind at ease.

How can AAI Pest Control prevent winter pests from getting into my home?

While winters reduce a lot of pest activity, there is still a group of big-time trouble-making pests on the prowl. Just as important, some vermin lay in wait in homes until they can deliver an infestation surprise in the spring. The combination of these two factors makes a good case for winter pest control in Stockton, CA.

A monthly or quarterly pest control plan includes an inspection that targets winter pests. Along the same lines, general home/commercial plans typically address seasonal issues by adjusting the mission of a single visit by the time of the year. These plans stress the importance of winter pest control Stockton, CA. Call us or fill out the contact form on this page to get started!

Do I Need Pest Control in the Winter in Stockton, CA? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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