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Common Kitchen Bugs

5 Kitchen Bugs You Should Beware Of

The kitchen can rightfully be described as the heart of your home since all the meals your family consumes are prepared there and you often entertain family or guests in the kitchen. However, many pests also congregate in your kitchen, whether you know it or not. These pests can not only contaminate your food, but they can also transmit diseases or disease-causing organisms. It is therefore important for you to do everything that you can to keep these kitchen bugs out of your kitchen, but that fight can only start once you know what pests you are dealing with. Here are the common kitchen bugs that you should be on the lookout for.


Cockroaches can easily be described as the most prevalent pests in both commercial and residential kitchens. These pests account for a disproportionately large fraction of health inspection citations, and for good reason. They have been recorded to carry with them nearly three dozen different kinds of bacteria and half a dozen parasites. They also trigger allergic reactions in humans in addition to carrying at least seven human pathogens.

Experts at AAI Pest Control say that cockroaches almost have an endless number of ways through which they can get into your kitchen. For example, they may hitch a ride in the grocery bags that you carry home. Alternatively, they may crawl into your kitchen through the drains and sewer pipes. Disgusting, isn’t it?

Pantry Pests

Modesto pest control professionals also reveal that there are pests that specialize in living and feeding on what is in your pantry, and that is why they are called pantry pests. Merchant grain beetles are one such pantry pest. These prefer to eat any grains that you have stored inside your pantry. Another common pantry pest is the Indian meal moth. These pests eat a variety of foodstuffs, including pet food, dried fruits, and nuts. Your stored food items are therefore at risk if pantry pests ever set up home inside your pantry.


Another of the common kitchen bugs are ants. Three types are of greatest concern as far as your kitchen is concerned. Modesto pest control company employees say that odorous house ants like to eat the sweets in your kitchen while pavement ants and Argentine ants are more likely to be found eating fats, oils, meats, and bread. All these three types of ants will most likely build their nests close to the moist sections of your kitchen, such as underneath the sink.


Two major types of flies are likely to be seen in your kitchen. The first is the housefly. These pests can feed on nearly any human food that they come across. Houseflies are particularly dangerous because records show that they may transmit at least 100 pathogens that cause humans to become gravely ill. These include the pathogen that causes salmonellosis and the germ responsible for typhoid.

Modesto pest control companies say fruit flies are the second type of fly you will find in your kitchen. This fly prefers to feed on and lay its eggs in overripe fruit or vegetables. One way to control fruit flies is therefore to discard any fruit or vegetables that are rotting or too ripe for your taste.


Rodents, such as rats and mice, also find your kitchen an attractive place of abode. The food and the dark or secluded sections of the kitchen are alluring to Norway rats and house mice. Health inspectors also keep a keen eye out for rodents due to the potential of contaminating food, causing allergies and transmitting diseases or disease-causing organisms (fleas, for example).

How to Prevent Kitchen Bugs

Generally speaking, you can use the same methods to keep the different kitchen bugs out of your kitchen. These methods include maintaining a high standard of cleanliness so that these pests don’t have access to food. You also need to fix any water leaks in the kitchen and the entire home to prevent pests from accessing water or using those damaged fixtures as entry points into your kitchen. It is also hugely helpful to seal all cracks and openings in the exterior walls. Use caulk, steel wool or any other appropriate product.

When you notice a kitchen bug infestation, call AAI Pest Control immediately. We will check your kitchen and home thoroughly so that we understand what could have allowed the problem to reach a noticeable level. Only then will our applicators treat your kitchen and home against the specific pests observed. The war against pests is an ongoing one, so it is advisable for you to sign a pest control contract with us so that we can inspect your home routinely and act on any developing pest problem before it worsens and becomes costly to combat.

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