What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas?

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas?

Fleas are more than just a pesky nuisance for humans because they can also affect the health and well-being of your pets. If you wish to effectively get rid of fleas, bathing your pets is not enough. Fighting a flea infestation can be a battle that lasts days or even weeks; needless to say, this is not an easy job.

An exterminator in Modesto shares ways to get rid of fleas in your house.

Using Flea Sprays and Flee Tablets

You can use flea sprays on your pets and furniture like couch, rugs, carpets, bedding, pillows, and blankets. Upon contact, these sprays can kill most flea types and their eggs.

For the sensitive areas of your pet, such as around their face, you must spray the product on a comb and use this to brush the affected area. Consider using both flea sprays and flea tablets so that any new adult fleas that will hop onto your pet will die immediately. AAI Pest Control experts emphasize that if you kill both the adult fleas and eggs, the flea life cycle will be broken.


Fogging is an effective way to eliminate fleas on your property because the hard-to-reach areas can also be cleared of fleas. This technique is used by pest exterminators, but only for serious infestations, due to its inconvenience.

You may also perform this more than once. When doing so, you must cover up all exposed kitchen items, shut all your doors and windows, temporarily disable all smoke alarms, and leave your house for several hours.

Once fogging is over, you must air out your house for at least two hours before going in again. You are then most likely to find a lot of dead bugs in different areas of your house — signs that they were attempting to leave their nests and escape the fog.

Do not forget to treat your pet before allowing them to enter the house. You can spray them down with a flea spray and feed them a flea tablet.


When fogging is too much of a hassle for you and your family, vacuuming can work to an extent as well. Strong vacuums can suck up the eggs wherever they are passed over. Vacuum the curtain, carpets, beds, under your furniture, and all crevices or cracks in your baseboards and floorboards. For areas that are hard to reach, attach a vacuum nozzle.

Take note that before vacuuming your house, you must feed your pets a flea tablet and use some flea spray. This will ensure that the adult fleas that hop onto your pet will die along with any eggs.

After vacuuming, detach the bag carefully and discard it outside your house to reduce the risk of re-infestation. Also, make use of flea sprays on all the vacuumed areas.

Pest Control Services

Investing in pest control services is the best way to get rid of fleas if you have extensive infestations. Multiple sessions may be required to completely eradicate fleas in your house. After Modesto pest control experts are done with the session, don’t forget to use some flea tablets and flea spray for your pets before allowing them to enter your house.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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