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Bed Bug Facts For Stockton Residents

Bed Bug Facts | A Few Facts About Bed Bugs That You Should Know

You know you don’t want them in your home. The thought of them probably gives you the creeps. They bite and make you itch like crazy. Beyond these, however, what else do you really know about bed bug facts? While it can be established that no one wants them around, it’s best to back your aversion to them with actual knowledge. Here are a few facts about bed bugs that you should know about.

Even Clean Homes Can Have an Infestation of Bed Bugs

It’s not about sanitation levels, although clutter does offer them excellent harborages. Bed bugs are unwittingly brought into your home by guests, additions like furniture and décor, and even yourself. No matter how thoroughly you clean your home, this will not get rid of an established bed bug population.

You Can’t Get a Serious Disease From a Bed Bug Bite

It may cause you to have an allergic response to its saliva, but you may also be immune to it and not even itch at all. If you are allergic, you could experience local reddening, swelling, inflammation, and itching. Repeated bites may cause angry welts that are itchy and uncomfortable. You may also suffer from the social stigma of somebody whose home is infested with bed bugs.

To Get Rid of Bed Bugs, You Need Help

DIY efforts are often futile and laymen would probably not be able to tell if their efforts had any impact at all. Professionals have the knowledge, the techniques, as well as the effective, safe, and legal products, tools, and equipment to eliminate the presence of bed bugs in your home.

Hard to Kill, But Not Impossible

Additional bed bug facts include, while not indestructible, bed bugs are hard to kill because they are so tiny they can escape to very narrow cracks. They are very adaptable and quick. They can detect chemicals and often avoid them. They can live a whole year without feeding. Since many insecticides are only effective for up to three months, the bed bugs pretty much have them beat. Also, reports say that bed bugs have developed resistance to certain chemical insecticides.

There are Some Practices You Can Observe to Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering Your Home

Make sure you don’t pick them up from the places you go to. Inspect hotel rooms for their presence (dead bugs, blood stains, wastes, etc.). Wash your clothes with warm water and detergent, and then dry on low heat for 20 minutes. Do not bring in used furniture until it has been inspected for bed bugs. Cover your mattress and box springs with plastic that you can seal shut to prevent bed bugs from getting into them or trapping the ones that are already there.

Bed Bugs Back With A Vengeance

Bed Bugs Were Almost Eradicated From the Country Years Ago, But They’re Back With a Vengeance. Contributing factors include more rapid international travel, less toxic and less persistent chemical ingredients in insecticides, the popularity of flea market and thrift shop finds, etc. It may not be the “scourge of America” as it has been sensationalized, but the problem of bed bugs is a serious one, so it’s smart to pick up a few facts about bed bugs that you should know to better understand them and avoid them.

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Bed Bug Facts For Stockton Residents Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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