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Bed Bug Control: Stockton Pest Management Experts Explain How It Works

Bed bugs may be small, but their appetite for blood knows no bounds. They attack while you are asleep; as such, you won’t feel anything while they are biting you. Only about 10% of people have a reaction to a bed bug bite or have any evidence that they were bitten.

Because of this, you may not even know that you were bitten and that you have a bed bug problem in your home. You may not even know that you are spreading them as well.

How Bed Bugs Move Around

Providers of bed bug control Stockton residents trust say that most people get and spread these pests through traveling. Hotels, motels, hostels, and other types of accommodation are giant magnets for bed bugs since they always have high amounts of human traffic.

When a pair of bed bugs hitches a ride in your luggage and you open it in your bedroom, they will jump out and establish their home. Even if you never notice their presence, within 45 days, you will have over 300 live bed bugs and over 1,000 eggs.

These pests will also jump into your bags and clothes. When you use these items then take a train, cab, or bus, these insects may decide to stay behind in these vehicles. They can also remain in your office, in the restaurant or in the café you frequent. You will then have spread bed bugs without even knowing it.

Another way you can get bed bugs is by buying second-hand furniture. Used furniture such as chairs, sofas, cabinets, and beds act as a transportation method for these biting insects. If you buy a piece of furniture that is already harboring bed bugs, eggs, or pregnant females, you will be facing a huge infestation problem in your home soon.

When you sell your furniture that also has bed bugs, you contribute to their spread and proliferation as well.

How Pest Control Experts Can Help

When you suspect you have a bed bug infestation because of your frequent travels or penchant for buying second-hand furniture, you need to get help from a pest management company immediately.

These companies offer a broad range of bed bug services including monitoring, preventive, and curative solutions. Once you call them, they will send a team to thoroughly inspect the area in question along with the nearby rooms.

When they ascertain the presence of bed bugs, the experts will offer a curative program for the affected area. They will also carry out a preventive program for the adjacent areas. The best pest control companies will monitor your entire home at regular intervals to ensure these insects do not return again.

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