Avoid Fall Infestations From These Pests

Ants, Cockroaches, Wasps & Beetles: 3 Tips To Avoid Fall Infestations From These Pests

Most regions in the United States become susceptible to pest infestation in the fall. Ants, wasps, cockroaches, and beetles can easily find their way into your home. Most property owners believe that their homes have more bugs in the summer, but pest control experts say that your house will remain susceptible to bugs during the cooler months.

Here are some tips to avoid fall infestations from these pests.

1. Eliminate Entry Points

As temperatures drop, water, food, and shelter will become more difficult for these pests to find outdoors. Thus, they will invade your house to look for food sources.

It’s a good thing there are ways to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home. First, you need to weatherproof all doors and windows to seal off any holes or cracks around edges and ledges. Second, check for light leaks and make sure to seal all exterior-opening cracks or gaps that will allow pests to get in. Finally, caulk cracks along kitchen and bathroom fixtures to prevent pests from having access to water.

2. Break Bad Habits That Attract Pests

Bugs don’t just invade your home because of the cooling temperatures. Your daily actions might also be carelessly enticing bugs to come in.

For instance, you should not store firewood near your house because this can invite wood-boring pets. Instead, store the firewood at least three feet away from your property. If you need to use some firewood for cooking, just get what you need. This will prevent pests in the firewood from crawling off and taking shelter inside your home.

Furthermore, you must also keep your recycling bins away from your home. The remnants of food products can invite ants. Although a few ants may not be alarming, pest control experts say that ants leave a scent trail so other ants can follow them.

3. Keep Your Home Clean

Keep your countertops clean and store everything in your pantry in sealed containers. Also, don’t leave your pets’ food dishes and water bowls outside because insects can eat pet food and all living things need water.

Furthermore, install proper drainage in your property. If water pools around your house, this creates a moist environment for insects to live in and causes damage to your home’s foundation.

Aside from taking these important preventative maintenance measures, seeking professional pest control services is crucial to keep your home pest-free. Besides, professional treatments will make sure that these disease-carrying and annoying pests will stay out of your property. To effectively combat pest problems, consider using year-round pest control services in conjunction with excellent home maintenance. Contact your local Modesto pest control company for more tips about preventing pest infestations.

Ants, Cockroaches, Wasps & Beetles: 3 Tips To Avoid Fall Infestations From These Pests Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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