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Ant Problems in Your Yard? Here Are Tips to Control Them

Ants are pretty common; they can be found everywhere.

Typically, the presence of the little workers is no issue, especially if there are just a few of them, but when you find an unending queue of them in your property, you certainly should do something about the situation. It’s just a matter of time before you find a huge clump of them in locations in your property where you really do not want them, such as your yard.

Ant problems in yard must be addressed as soon as possible

Especially if your family often uses the outdoor space and you’re cultivating plants. Lawn ants can do great damage (when they build those ant hills, your turf will no longer have that nice appearance; likewise, your grass roots may become exposed, and that will easily cause them to wither) and render your yard an unsafe place for your family and pets to hang out in.

Making your yard safe from these destructive workers is not that difficult, actually. Hiring an exterminator will easily do the trick. However, if you wish to take on the problem yourself, here are some effective tips that will get rid of ants in your yard.

Keep your yard clean. Ants, like most insects, are attracted to rubbish because that’s where they get their food. Keeping your yard clean at all times will not only kill off some ants, but also make your property less “attractive” to the tiny hard workers.

Use synthetic pesticide. You can buy this product from your local lawn and garden center and there’s a vast variety to choose from. Just follow the instructions for application so you can really target the colony without affecting your turf or the other plants in your yard.

A DIY solution that may provide you some temporary relief, is to use some ingredients from your kitchen, such as boiling hot water and orange rinds. Blend these two and pour it all over the anthills to kill of the colony. Another solution you can make is a mixture of sugar and borax placed in a jar lid. Place the lid near the anthill where the ants can easily catch whiff of the sweet scent of the sugar. The ants will take some of the sugar home to the anthill, and the borax on the sugar will eventually kill them off.

If you have exhausted too much time and resources over the years and realize the ant problem in your yard or home is just too much for you to handle with DIY pest control methods, you will want to call in the help of a professional pest control company to provide a permanent solution. Often times, we just don’t have the time or energy to keep dealing with seasonal recurring pest control problems. In that case, it is best to call in the help of a pro. AAI is the leading Pest Control company in Northern California. We are happy to help you!

Ant Problems in Your Yard? Here Are Tips to Control Them Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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