American Cockroaches

Habits of the American Cockroach

A Few Important Details About American Cockroaches

There are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches in the world, 69 of which can be found in the United States. Of this number, only five to six invade human homes; the rest prefer other living environments.

One particular species of cockroach that American homeowners should be wary of is the American cockroach.

As an experienced Modesto pest control company, we can tell you american cockroaches are among the dirtiest of creatures. They pick up dirt and germs as they crawl through filthy areas. Worse, these pests spread diseases and contaminate food. The American cockroach has been associated with diseases like typhoid fever, leprosy, dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera. These cockroaches can also cause allergies.

Like many household pests, these roaches seek refuge in your home to find food and water. Because of the flat bodies of these roaches, they can easily enter homes through access areas like doors. Usually, these insects get into houses via the garage and basement windows, winding their way to different areas inside your home, including the kitchen, laundry area, basement, and bathrooms.

Signs of a Cockroach

One of the first signs that homeowners see during an infestation are cockroaches scurrying around their homes. These insects can even fly around when startled.

Another tell-tale sign that your home is infested are these insects’ droppings, usually inside pantries and beneath appliances. Most people mistake these droppings for mouse droppings. However, the droppings of these roaches look different upon close inspection. Unlike mouse droppings which have pointed ends, the droppings of these roaches have ridges on the sides and blunt ends.

Reproduction Process

Occasionally, you might find egg capsules deposited in different areas in the home. On top of that, these roaches emit a pheromone that causes these insects to band together. The scent left behind can be best described as musty. The bigger the roach population is, the more pronounced the smell becomes.

Three to seven days after mating, a female American cockroach will produce an egg case containing 15 embryos. On average, a single adult female will produce six to 14 egg cases for the span of its life. The female will carry the egg case from a few hours to a few days, after which the case will be deposited in a warm, humid location, hidden from plain sight.

Immature cockroaches, called nymphs, may emerge after 24 to 38 days. Soon after, the nymphs shed their exoskeleton from 10 to 13 times before reaching adulthood. Once the nymphs undergo the final molting process, these become capable of reproducing. The whole process may take around six months.

American cockroaches can live for about a year, depending on a few factors like diet and the environment.

If you suspect a cockroach infestation in your home, contact AAI Pest Control, your local Stockton pest control company.

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