Advantages of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Among the most common pests that infest most homes are bed bugs. These tiny little creepers, despite their name, do not just take over beds—they find their way to other pieces of furniture as well (dressers, chairs, sofas, clothing) and latch onto and suck blood out of unsuspecting victims. A case of bed bugs is no laughing matter; their bites are terrible, they leave ugly red marks on the skin, and worse, they create intense itchiness for those who have been bitten.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

The good news is that there are a lot of known treatments for bed bugs, including pesticides. You may take your pick from all the different types of bed bug treatments offered by pest control services, but one you may want to try right away is bed bug heat treatment. This is not a new solution, actually; in earlier times, most households would simply bring their mattresses and bed bug-infested furniture out and let the sun’s intense heat kill off the pests. This has proven quite effective, but the problem is that this organic form of treatment can take some time and you really need an incredibly hot day.

Nowadays, however, with the help of advanced technology, there are pieces of equipment that can deliver the right heat intensity needed to quickly kill off bed bugs and the eggs they leave behind. But aside from higher efficacy, there are other benefits of bed bug heat treatment, which include the following:

  • Affordable Cost
  • Full efficacy in a single treatment; this means that with just one treatment session, all bed bugs and eggs will be annihilated
  • Toxic-free (this is a huge benefit to people with sensitive skin and/or respiratory problems)
  • Green; this means it has very little or no impact on the environment (a plus for people who are all about being eco-responsible and decreasing their carbon footprint)

Studies reveal that bed bugs nowadays are displaying stronger resistance to common pesticides. You may know this already because over the counter household treatments are not working the way you would expect them to. Often times homeowners who don’t have a reliable pest control company, opt to just purchase new mattresses and furniture because they have failed at DIY methods to remove bed bugs. As always, AAI Pest Control is here to provide you with industry leading technology and resources to solve you small and large pest control problems.

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