7 Common Northern California Spiders

Spiders are “pests” that do not really cause a lot of significant harm; more often than not, most people are afraid of them mainly because they look freaky, although some really are venomous.

However, most of the arachnids that people see in their property or right inside their home are usually not venomous. In fact, they even help manage real pests at home because they feed on smaller insects. In Northern California, spiders are pretty much left alone because most of them are reclusive anyway. But if you wish to know what they are, we give you seven of the most common spiders in Northern California listed below; provided as well are some spider facts that you may find useful.

Grass Spiders or Agelenopsis spp

These spiders come in 13 species which are found in the US, the northern parts of Mexico, and southern regions of Canada. They are harmless but they are highly active web weavers.

Black and Yellow Garden Spiders or Agriope aurantia

These are common in gardens, farms, old fields and orchards (which Northern California has a lot of), and they spin a classic round orb web. The mature female spiders are more easily distinguishable because they have bigger bodies that have a bold black and yellow pattern.

Long-legged Sac Spider or Cheiracanthium midei

Like its name, it has very long legs. It’s tan and can mostly be seen indoors at night (as it’s nocturnal) on walls and ceilings waiting for prey. This spider is originally from southern Europe but it made its way to the US and is often seen in houses in California.

Six-spotted Fishing Spider or Dolomedes triton

This is a large spider commonly seen along streams, rivers and residential pools. This spider feasts on aquatic insects, small fish and even small amphibians. It’s rather scary-looking because of its size, particularly the female with its bigger body.

Southern House Spider or Kukulcania hibernalis

This is a common house spider that is often confused with a recluse spider. It’s brown and it usually dwells in cracks and holes of building structures.

Grey Wall Jumper or Menemerus bivittatus

This thrives in warm weather and can be seen often in most parts of the country. This arachnid hunts during the day and hides away in crevices of building walls at night.

Longbodied Cellar Jumper or Pholcus phalangioides

Is distinguished by its long, hair-like thin legs and elongated abdomen. It’s often found on ceilings, basements, storage sheds, and other dry locations where there’s minimal illumination.

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