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6 pests requiring the help of a bug exterminator

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Everybody wants a home that’s completely safe. Every day, we go about a cleaning routine so as not to attract six-legged silent workers that forage crumbs and other food remnants that they can take back to their colonies. The problem is, pests are usually not just after human food — they are also commonly attracted to water, plastic, paper, and even rubber. Therefore, no matter how meticulous people are in keeping their homes spotless, there’s still a high likelihood that bugs will pay a visit and even stay to comfortably breed and “share” their home.

All bugs are worrisome, but there are several kinds that should immediately prompt you to call an exterminator service if you were to see them in your home. Listed below are the top six bugs that will likely require exterminator service in Northern Ca.


These flying members of the ant family are hard workers of destruction. A giant sequoia tree in a national park once succumbed to the damage created by these wood-consuming bugs. In Northern Ca we typically see subterranean termites. If there’s some termite activity in your home, better call an exterminator service right away to get rid of them and prevent further damage to your house.


They are not only the most disgusting-looking bugs (hence all the shrieking action when one is spotted inside the house), but they are extremely dangerous to the health of people as well. Their saliva, feces and body parts can trigger allergic reactions, especially among people with asthma. Likewise, these are carriers of bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and many others.

Bed bugs

They render people sleepless as they bite and leave red, itchy bumps all over the body. They are not that easy to get rid of, but an experienced exterminator service can take on the challenge effectively.

Meal moths

These are usually found in pantries and other storage places for food. These bugs populate really quickly and they’re dangerous because they contaminate food and secrete compounds which are carcinogenic.


These are pesky blood-sucking fliers that nobody should take lightly. They are disease carriers and homes that have a lot of these are typically fumigated, but there are other less toxic solutions to get rid of them.


They are perhaps the peskiest; they are attracted to food and smelly garbage, so they fly about and land on both, carrying all sorts of bacteria around. Houseflies can be blamed for food poisoning and dysentery. Getting rid of all of them can be quite a challenge, but a really good bug exterminator can make sure that your home will be completely free from these pests once he’s done treating it.

If you’re searching for the best bug exterminator to rid your home of creepy crawlies and pesky fliers, the expert pest control technicians at AAI Pest Control have a reputation for success and have been around for over 30 years. We are the best choice because not only do they have great experience, but they also deliver a vast array of reliable and effective pest control solutions to properly meet the requirements of our customers.

6 pests requiring the help of a bug exterminator Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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