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A Day in the Life of an Exterminator in Stockton, California

The word “exterminator” (a.k.a. pest control technician) conjures images of something almost Ghostbusters-like. A confident professional wearing overall protective gear and some sort of helmet, with a handy sprayer for his backpack, and carrying around various tools of his trade meant to drive both vermin and pests away. All this so you can rest easy at night, and stress less in the daytime.

But what does it take to be an exterminator?

Surely, anyone who can bravely enter basements, attics and other places teeming with creepy-crawlies should command everyone’s respect. So, with the help of a professional exterminator in Stockton, California, we give you an insider’s look into the life of an exterminator.

A job with many hats

Well, his task seems pretty easy enough: Get rid of pest infestations.

He first plays the detective by finding the nest of the pests, or their center of activity. He familiarizes himself with the pathways or routes the culprits take and uncovers any other hideouts they may have. Based on this information, he devises a plan and proposes all possible ways of dealing with the infestation.

Once a selection is made, he may end up isolating the area to spray pesticide or insecticide. He may also use traps or baits, as the case may be. Whatever course he takes, you can count on it being an effective, strategic attack.

An exterminator has to be patient, professional and act as a counselor to be able to deal with stressed customers.

He also needs to help them understand the importance of vigilance and following a set of procedures to ensure that a re-infestation becomes a remote possibility.

Other possible sources of pests in the area that are outside his customer’s property, such as a garbage or sewage disposal issue, will have to be dealt with. 

Does an exterminator have an office?

Whether your pest control technician is self-employed or part of a bigger company, he would most likely maintain a modestly sized office with which to receive his agitated walk-in customers.

But whether or not his office is tiny or huge doesn’t really matter. He’s likely to spend 90% of his time on the road, making house calls, checking out dark, damp places, and hunting down pests.

So maybe his job is not as scary as that of a Ghostbuster. But he’s ready to lend a listening ear and a helping hand to those who are in dire need of his services.

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