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Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter?

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter?

If you can select just one word to describe a mosquito, that word is “resilient.” How else would you explain how these tiny creatures reemerge in spring after having seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth in the winter? Have you been wondering, “Where do mosquitoes go in the winter?” Read on and learn how these pests have mastered the art of surviving the bitter cold of winter.

The Lifespan of Mosquitoes

Male mosquitoes typically live for a maximum of 10 days, and they usually die after mating with the female mosquito. However, females seem to have the cards stacked in their favor because they normally live for about eight weeks before they die (or are eaten by predators like birds). So, how do these pests make it through winter?

Laying Eggs in the Fall

The first three stages of the life cycle of a mosquito are egg, larva, and pupa. These stages require moisture, and that is why the female mosquito will look for standing water in which to lay her eggs. Experts at a pest control company in Modesto explain that under normal circumstances, an egg will go through all the stages of growth to become an adult in less than two weeks.

However, winter throws a spanner in the works, thereby preventing mosquitoes from reproducing quickly and becoming a menace. Mosquitoes have developed a clever way around this speed bump. Many species of mosquitoes lay their eggs during the fall, and those eggs remain in a suspended state of development once it gets cold. When conditions get wetter and warmer, later on, the mosquitoes accelerate their rate of development, and mature adults will emerge in spring, no matter how long or how cold the winter was.

Survival in the Larval and Pupal Stage

Other types of mosquitoes hedge their bets by developing from eggs into larvae and pupae just as winter is setting in. These mosquitoes trigger a phase called diapause, a stage that literally shuts down any further development until conditions get better in spring. These larvae and pupae wait out the winter in rotting tree trunks or any other moist place which is partially sheltered from the cold outside. Adults then emerge en masse once the weather gets warm and rainy.

Female Mosquitoes and Winter

Some types of female mosquitoes can go into some kind of hibernation (diapause) as adults and survive through winter. When winter ends, the female will look for a human to bite and suck blood. The blood is needed in order for the eggs in the mosquito to grow. A female mosquito is capable of laying eggs at three-day intervals throughout its life. An adult mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs in each laying session. This prolific output is the reason why you need to contact a pest control company in Modesto for help in case you have a large infestation of mosquitoes, otherwise, you risk contracting diseases from these vectors.

You now have the answers to the question, “Where do mosquitoes go in the winter?” Stay vigilant and avoid doing anything that can give mosquitoes something to make their winter survival easier. Talk to AAI Pest Control if the mosquito problem persists despite all your efforts to keep these pests far from your home.

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