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What Does Green Pro Pest Control Mean?

What Does Green Pro Pest Control Mean?

All business industries nowadays are required to make adjustments or improvements to their methods and services to accommodate trends and the ever-changing values of end users. For example, in the pest control industry, all service providers are required to abide by environmental laws, and even have environmentally responsible solutions included in their service menu. This is not only meant to uphold strong values, but also to ensure competitiveness in the fierce business arena.

Those are not all the requirements, however; if pest control companies truly want to prove their readiness in providing alternative solutions, they need to undergo a stringent process to gain certification from appropriate organizations or authorities. One such certification is GreenPro, which is the world’s largest and most credible certification program for the pest management industry; the National Pest Management Association or NPMA offers this for all pest management professionals in the country.

Green Pro pest control certification is granted to pest management providers who are able to meet established qualifications of the organization in ensuring their full commitment to delivering compliant, effective and high quality service to clients. Therefore, if you are looking through eco-friendly pest control companies in your area whose methods are unquestionably environment-friendly, those that actually have this special certification would prove to be the wise options because they certainly are not just “claiming” to be eco-responsible—they actually are.

So, aside from the certification, what else can set such companies apart?

You will notice that avoiding any form of negative environmental impact is their strong and consistent commitment. Not only do they utilize and endorse popular, eco-conscious, tried-and-true products for pest management, but they also have a bounty of other solutions that effectively demonstrate the same value.

Likewise, these companies are able to fully discuss the difference of their green strategies from traditional tactics that make use of chemicals and other highly toxic products—from the way the solution achieves the target impact, to the effects on the environment and health, and more. It’s hard to not have such an ability considering the extensive requirements for certification.

It’s worth noting as well that GreenPro certified pest control providers regularly offer updates and other valuable information regarding the industry. They share news or press releases on everything that concerns the industry, and a vast collection of tips people can use to be able to do their bit in preventing and treating pest infestations in their homes and workplace. AAI Pest Control is proud to offer Green Pro Certified pest services throught our service area


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