Tips for Seasonal Pest Control

Here are essential tips for seasonal pest control

Pest management changes as the season changes. With each new term comes a wider range of challenges prompted by varying pest behavior. So the pest control measure you’ve set for summer might not work for winter. Knowing which strategy is suitable for which season should make your home pest-free—all year round.


The key here is population control through reduced reproduction. You do not want to give pests a chance to multiply during spring. Spring is when they work hard at increasing their population.

You’ll want to treat the exterior hot spots; focus on areas that become potential colonies, and eliminate food sources. The products or treatments applied by your pest control service will depend on the kinds of pests in your property.


On hot days, pests are faster. They also tend to eat more, and do not even fear predators. This is the ideal time to treat your exterior area—from the lawn to the driveway.

Call a pest control service and get your turf, rock beds, and other landscaping features treated with the appropriate product. Paved surfaces, including walkways, should also receive pest control treatment.

You’ll also want to remove ripened fruits or rotting vegetables if you have them in your garden.

It may also work to your advantage if you start to seal all entry points with caulk and the proper screens. Walk around your property and find any holes, cracks, or crevices where pests are likely to get in. This should decrease the pest control measures you need to do for the next season.


Fall is when pests prepare for the next season; they will build up their reserves and look for harborage. And your home becomes an even bigger target for more pests.

You’ll want to repel any and all pests from coming in. Use the right products for the right species. If you still haven’t taken care of entry points, now is a good time.

Your pest control service should check out your attic or basement for spiders. The pest experts may also apply dust treatment and add rodent monitoring stations, if necessary.


Pests do not like the cold. So they will do anything and everything to access your cozy home. If you’ve done your fall pest control measures, you should do less for winter.

Your pest control company may still place insect monitoring stations in key areas. Your doors, windows, and eaves may need checking. And dust treatment application may still be needed.

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