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Tips for Rat and Mouse Prevention 

Tips for Rat and Mouse Prevention 

When the word “rodent” is mentioned, most people immediately think of mice and rats. However, rodents include other pests, such as squirrels, beavers, porcupines, and so many other creatures. Rats and mice steal the show because they are the most invasive species among the rodent family. Homeowners should do everything possible to keep these pests out so that you aren’t exposed to the germs or diseases they carry. Our experts at AAI Pest Control, a Stockton rodent control company, share some tips for rat and mouse prevention so you can keep them off your property.

Get Rid of Rodent Attractions

The first thing that you should do to keep mice and rats away from your property is to remove everything that may attract these rodents in the first place. For example, get rid of any trash on your property that can provide food and shelter to rats and mice. Standing water is a sure way to have mice and rats on your property since these pests usually nest close to sources of water. Get rid of standing water so that you make your property less attractive as a nesting site. Stockton pest control experts also advise that you trim all the shrubs or any other vegetation so that rats and mice don’t have any hiding places.

Seal Your Home

Rats and mice will use every point of weakness in the exterior envelope of your home to get in. For example, any gaps around pipes will provide an entry point to these rodents. It is therefore advisable for you to inspect the exterior of your home regularly so that you identify and seal any gaps before rats and mice take advantage and get in. You should also pay attention to water damage in wooden structures since the soft moist wood can easily be breached by mice and rats.

Keep a Sharp Eye Out for Rodent Activity

Another way to keep mice and rats out of your home is by taking a keen interest in monitoring your yard for the telltale signs of mice and rat activity there. For example, Stockton pest control professionals recommend that you observe for rat and mice droppings close to walls and corners. Look out for evidence that these rodents have chewed something, such as exposed electrical wiring. Additionally, the smell of urine can alert you to rat and mice activity on your property. Increase your vigilance in implementing rat and mice deterrent activities once you spot signs of these pests in your yard.

Use Baits and Traps

Get rodent bait and traps and place them in carefully selected spots within your home. These tools will help you to know whether rats and mice have been active in your home without your knowledge. However, bait and traps can only be effective if you have ample knowledge about the behavior of rats and mice. For example, mousetraps are small and will be ineffective against the larger rats. Similarly, rats are wary of new objects in the areas where they operate, so they may keep away from any baited traps for several days. Get help from AAI Pest Control so that the traps and bait can be used effectively to assess the extent to which your home has been infiltrated by rats and mice.

No Free Meal for Them

Make it harder for mice and rats to find anything to eat in your home. This measure will require you to implement comprehensive steps since these particular rodents can feed on a wide range of substances, such as cardboard boxes, food scraps on utensils, crumbs on the floor, etc. Store all food items in sealed containers, preferably those made from plastic. Don’t leave unwashed plates in your sink. At the very least, soak them in water until you can find time to clean those utensils. The rats and mice will leave your home if finding a meal becomes a near-impossible task for them.

Partner with Pest Control Professionals

The best way to be certain that you have no rats and mice in your home is by working with experienced professionals, such as those from AAI Pest Control or any other Stockton pest control company, to implement an integrated pest control program that includes using preventive measures as well as pest treatment protocols in order to deal with any current rodent problem. Contact AAI Pest Control today so that you can put your mind at ease regarding any pest problem you suspect in your home.

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