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Preventing Common Summer Pests

Prevention Tips for Common Summer Pests

Summer is here. That means great weather, fun times with family and friends, delicious food, and various outdoor activities from picnics to swimming to backyard parties and more. However, the warm weather many people love is also the weather that gets summer pests and insects moving and invading your home in search of food and shelter.

These summer pests are not only inconvenient to have around. Most of them spread germs and bacteria and bring various diseases. A mosquito bite or insect droppings on your food can lead to serious illnesses and health complications. That’s why preventing common summer pests from coming into your living spaces or getting near you as you enjoy the outdoors is important.


Here are some of the steps to consider so you and your loved ones can enjoy a great, pest-free summer:  


Make Your Surroundings Extra Clean to Keep the Ants Away

Some of the most persistent and diligent home invaders during summer are house ants. These insects are often drawn to the kitchen because they are foraging for food and other debris they can consume. So make sure all consumables are properly stored and food scraps are properly disposed of. Wipe and sanitize all surfaces, and sweep or vacuum daily and/or after every meal.

If your problem is carpenter ants, which are attracted to wood, then look into your outdoor spaces. Get rid of firewood, tree stumps, overhanging branches and wet/damp wood lying around, or at least take them as far away as possible from the main building.


Get Rid of Stagnant Water Where Mosquitoes Might Breed

Mosquito bites are itchy, painful and can lead to hard-to-erase dark marks on the skin. Moreover, some kinds of mosquitoes can transmit diseases – some of them deadly – to their bite victims. Any standing water should thus be eliminated in and around the house to get rid of potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Fountains, still ponds, bird baths, puddles from leaks, collected rainwater in the gutter and such should all be drained and monitored regularly.


Check the Pets for Fleas

Fleas are more likely to look for a food source – such as your furry pet – as the weather becomes warmer. Give your pets more baths during the summer and clean their sleeping and feeding areas more frequently. Take them to the vet at the first sign of fleas for early treatment.  


Observe Proper Waste Management

Open trash receptacles and waste bins are like open invitations for flies, cockroaches and even bigger animals like rats and raccoons. Look for ways to improve your trash management system so your surroundings remain garbage and odor-free at all times.  

Keep in mind that these tips are simple remedies; it can be extremely difficult to get rid of pests if they have already established hiding nooks, nests and colonies on your property. If the problem has escalated to this level, get help from a trusted Modesto pest control company without delay


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