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Why Do I Have Spiders in My House? | Spider Infestation

How To Handle a Spider Infestation 

Does the sight of a furry eight-legged creature scurrying away always leave you feeling frightful? Are you worried about a spider crawling up your bed and biting you – or worse, your little children – while you sleep? Or are you mostly bothered about the numerous cobwebs that seem to magically appear and multiply the moment you clean one off? Are you curious about whether you may have a spider infestation?

If you’ve been wondering lately, “Why do I have a lot of spiders in my house?” here are some answers you need to know.

First, it’s good to be clear about two things: One, spiders don’t really come sneaking into the night to bite people. Scientists say they bite people on very rare instances only. And two, spiders in your home may mean they’re eating other pests and insects that bother you; some people see that as a good thing.

Some of the reasons why you’re seeing more spiders than usual in your home include the following:

  • The weather. Spiders tend to seek shelter when it’s autumn and the males are looking for females to mate with. They might also “invite” themselves in during wet seasons or when it’s too cold outside.
  • Your insulation. Gaps and cracks between doors, windows, vents, screens and other small openings are a way for spiders to come inside your home.
  • Access to food source. Food for spiders means insects and other spiders. Their menu may include indoor pests such as mites, cockroaches, houseflies, moths, gnats, crickets and others. If spiders keep coming into your home, it may mean that they are discovering a steady supply of insects from your living spaces.
  • Nesting opportunities. Good food supply also encourages spiders to build their nests or webs and lay their eggs inside your home. Their favorite places are areas with light to zero traffic or where they will rarely be disturbed: underneath rarely used furniture, basements, the uppermost or lowermost parts of closets and cabinets, garages and such. You may also notice them hanging out most of the time in your bathroom and kitchen – that’s because their prey also typically hang out where there’s access to water and your food.  

If a spider infestation is looming and you’re now on a mission to get rid of them once and for all, the following methods can help:

  • Schedule frequent cleanings. Vacuum, sweep and dust regularly, paying attention to window sills, the sides of doors, and hard-to-reach areas and corners. Cut down on clutter. Keep food stored and covered properly.
  • Conduct the necessary home repairs. Repair potential spider entrance points such as gaps around your doors and windows, cracks in your ceiling and walls, loose screens and such.    
  • Clean up your outdoor spaces as well. Stacks of wood, stones and construction materials, mulch and heavy vegetation are great hiding places for spiders. If you have these, move them away from the foundation of the building.  
  • Get professional help. Save time and money and avoid unnecessary headaches from hunting these creatures. To know the root cause of spider presence in your home and determine the safe, effective and long-term treatment for the problem, get help from your trusted pest control company without delay.  


Why Do I Have Spiders in My House? | Spider Infestation Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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