Silverfish problems and what to do about them

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Silverfish Problems

Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) are seen as mostly harmless to humans.

Unlike other pests such as cockroaches or bedbugs, they don’t bring diseases and they don’t usually bite. But if you love books, crafts and paper, or are fond of storing keepsakes such as old photos and handwritten letters, then the damage silverfish can bring can cause you a huge heartache.

These tiny, squiggly creatures love to nibble on paper, starch, glue and dry goods. They’ve also been known to often snack on dead skin cells. That limited edition copy of your favorite novel or a beloved piece of tapestry can easily get ruined with stains and holes when silverfish bugs attack. And because of their ability to squeeze between the smallest gaps, you may even find silverfish inside your unopened cereal boxes and other food containers.

If you suspect or have silverfish problems

in your home, then you may want to act fast and get rid of them before they inflict even more serious damage. The first thing you may want to do is to find out more about them. Experts say that the first step to getting rid of unwanted guests (pests) in the house is to know their breeding, feeding and mating habits, so you can implement the most effective line of attack that will eliminate them for good.

How did they get inside the home?

The typical entry points for silverfish are through gaps around the roof, doors and windows, cracks in the foundation and walls, and holes in the property. They dwell in dark, humid and moist areas. That’s why if you’re planning on setting up traps, the best places for you to place them include: cardboard and storage boxes, cabinets that don’t get used often, under the sink and toilet, behind the furnace, stove and refrigerator, bathrooms, basements and areas that don’t usually receive sunlight.

Do silverfish bite? Silverfish will scurry off quickly to their hiding places once they detect your presence. Experts say they never bite humans, but there have been reports of people being bitten, and with sore marks on their skin to show for it. These bite cases are often attributed to two reasons: one, the silverfish may just be getting a bit of dead skin off the person’s body, or two, the bite may have been caused by a type of centipede that looks so much like silverfish.      

How do you get rid of Silverfish?

Controlling humidity by adjusting your HVAC system and sealing the cracks in your property can prevent further infestation. For fast and long-term results, it’s best to get help from professional pest exterminators. Silverfish multiply quickly, laying as much as 100 eggs per day, so the situation can easily get out of control without expert help. Call your local pest exterminator teams to know the treatment options for your silverfish problem.


Silverfish problems and what to do about them Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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