Black Widow Bite

Signs and Symptoms You Might Experience Due to a Black Widow Bite

Black widow spiders are common in many parts of the country. They are these eight-legged creatures with a roundish bottom that has red markings on it (you’ll be reminded of the Marvel comics character that actress Scarlett Johansson plays right away).

These spiders are not considered harmful because they’re not really aggressive, says according to a Modesto pest control company. They will only bite if they feel threatened, such as when you’re about to crush them with your body while you’re sleeping or, in the case of a Vermont woman, while reaching into a stuffed bag of grapes where the arachnid was hiding and was probably getting squished.

Although black widow spiders are among the six most venomous spiders in the country, their bites usually don’t lead to death. However, you may experience great discomfort shortly after being bitten and it’s imperative to seek medical attention ASAP.

Here is a list of the signs and symptoms of poisoning from a black widow bite to watch out for:

•    Pain that can feel like just a minor prick or an intense one right around the bite

•    Reddening and swelling around the bitten area

•    Excruciating pain in the chest, abdomen, back, and shoulders

•    Muscle cramps and spasms

•    Difficulty breathing due to paralysis of the diaphragm

•    A spike in blood pressure

•    Chills

•    Nausea

•    Throbbing headache

•    Excessive sweating

•    Weakness

•    High fever

Such a small bite producing such complex sensations is frightening (and you don’t even get superpowers afterward). Clearly, a black widow bite is not something to take lightly. Nobody wants to experience any of the aforementioned physical sufferings. If you have been bitten, go see the doctor right away because immediate medication is necessary to neutralize the effects of the venom.

It’s important to note as well that other health complications may arise due to poisoning and these tend to be more severe for older people or those who already have a weakened immune system. Therefore, if you wish to protect your household from all these setbacks that a (relatively) small spider can create, make sure your home is free from it.

Don’t know how you can catch the black widow spiders lurking in the crevices of your home, and how to prevent them from coming back? Contact your local Modesto pest control company. They’ll get rid of the spiders for you (as well as other creepy crawlers and flyers you have at home) and provide you tips for making your abode safe from these venomous eight-legged intruders.

Signs and Symptoms You Might Experience Due to a Black Widow Bite Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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