Signs of Pest and Insect Activity in Your Home

6 Unmistakable Signs of Pest and Insect Activity in Your Home

6 Unmistakable Signs of Pest and Insect Activity in Your Home

It can be hard for a homeowner to detect that his or her property has been invaded by pests until the problem is significant. However, there are telltale signs that can warn you about a developing pest problem before a full-blown infestation occurs. Here are some of those warning signs as shared by AAI Pest Control, a leading pest control company in Modesto.

Dead Bugs Indoors

Try to be observant when you are cleaning your home. Examine the basement and the window ledges for any dead pests. You may have a pest problem if you see the same dead pest over and over again. This is because most pests, such as cockroaches and mice, try to be inconspicuous so dead ones reveal that a large scale infestation may be ongoing in your home. Ask a Modesto pest control expert to inspect your home if you want a second opinion about what could be going on.

Evidence of Nesting

Take a flashlight and check all the hidden spots within your home, such as behind or underneath appliances for any signs of pests. For example, be on the lookout for shredded paper or fabrics. Mice and rats usually improvise and nest using whatever materials they can find. The presence of pest nests is a sure sign that pests are active in your home.

Pest Droppings

You may need to do some research on this one before you can say with any degree of certainty that you have a particular type of pest on your property. For example, the droppings left by mice differ from those of rats, and cockroach droppings aren’t the same as ant droppings. Ask a reputable pest control company in Modesto for help in identifying the specific pests that have left droppings that you can’t identify. The pest control professionals will tell you what you are dealing with and you will get the help you need to fix the problem quickly.

Odd Sounds and Smells

Another way that you can suspect that pests are present in your home is when you start noticing odd sounds and smells in the different parts of your home. For instance, you may notice a musty smell in the parts of your home where mice are active. Similarly, bedbugs give off a sweet musty smell that you can’t miss. You will also hear scurrying sounds coming from the baseboards and other hidden spaces if larger pests like rats are present in the home. Such sounds should prompt you to act before the problem worsens.

Gnaw Marks and Holes

You may not always have a chance to hear active pests in your home due to your busy schedule that keeps you away from home for most hours of the day. However, it is still possible to detect the presence of pests by observing your property for gnaw marks and holes. Many pests, such as rats, will gnaw anything in their path (electrical wiring, for example). Others will try to widen any gap or crevice so that they can easily move in and out of the home. Search for such holes and gnaw marks, especially in the exterior walls. Contact AAI Pest Control as soon as you see this sign of pest activity.

Unexpected Materials

You can also suspect that you have a pest problem in your home if you come across materials that seem to be out of place. For example, some pests will ferry debris from outdoors and bring it in as nesting materials. Other times, things will disappear and reappear in unexpected places. For instance, kids’ clothing may turn up underneath appliances while food peels will mysteriously show up underneath the seats in your living room. These unexpected materials often point to pest activity on the property.

It may not be easy for you as a layperson to tell whether the signs of pest activity you see depict a current problem or a past infestation. When you partner with AAI Pest Control or any other pest control company in Modesto, you will get all the professional help that you need to not only deal with the current problem but also prevent future infestations. As you know, prevention has always been better than taking action after the fact.

6 Unmistakable Signs of Pest and Insect Activity in Your Home Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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