The Serious Health Threats Pests Cause

The outbreak of Zika Virus in South America is proof of how seriously dangerous to health pests can be.

Mosquitoes are perhaps the most dangerous as different life-threatening diseases are directly linked to them. Plus, they simply are difficult to control because they populate quickly.

Mosquitoes are the “biggest” disease-carriers. Therefore, if you find yourself in Africa or in tropical countries, you need to be quite careful about getting bitten by mosquitoes as they are known to transmit everything from bacteria to viruses and parasites.

In fact, during the monsoon season in the Philippines, pest control is usually a nationwide movement. There are cleanliness drives and frequent fumigation to kill the disease-carrying bloodsuckers because dengue claims the lives of many people every year.

A part from the mosquito, other pests that find their way into people’s homes also present health threats. An exterminator in Modesto lists other serious health threats pests cause below. 


These contribute to the flare-up of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. Likewise, they can cause food contamination that may lead to gastroenteritis.


These make their way into people’s homes through the four-legged furry family members. The health threats that these cause include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, and tick-borne relapsing fever.

Mice and rats 

These rodents can contaminate food and their excrements can cause leptospirosis or Weil’s disease. During a massive flood, places where there’s an infestation of rats and mice can suffer a leptospirosis epidemic. This disease, if not treated early, can lead to death.


These are also bloodsuckers that nobody wants in their home. Bed bugs may not cause a life-threatening disease, but they can cause terrible rashes and allergies. In some cases, they can also trigger a flare-up of respiratory illnesses.


These are commonly active when the weather’s hot and they usually cause an epidemic as people share clothes, show affection for each other, and share the same bed. Lice can cause physical discomforts such as skin irritation and rashes.

There are also different kinds of louse-borne diseases, as AAI Pest Control points out. Examples are epidemic typhus and trench fever.

If you want to diminish the health risks these pests can cause, the best thing to do is to hire pest control experts. They have all the equipment, effective products, and expertise for the job. In no time, they’ll annihilate or drive out disease-carrying pests. Plus, they will teach you how to prevent an infestation on your property.


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