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Signs of a Rat Infestation

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Knowing for sure that there are rodents in your property is the first important step to getting rid of them for good. The earlier you identify a potential rat infestation, the more equipped you will be in reducing their numbers and preventing the havoc they can wreak on your home and health.

If you have a feeling that there are rodents inviting themselves into or under your home, the following are helpful steps to take to check for signs of a rat infestation:

Check for rat droppings and urine trails

The easiest way to spot a rat infestation is through their droppings. Luckily for your hunt, they leave their feces almost anywhere they source their food. If you find those tell-tale small, dark pellets lining your kitchen counters and cupboards, then they’re there for sure. The droppings can also be seen in places where they run or hide, such as along wall beams, old furniture and storage boxes. Mouse urine, which is often characterized by a trail of tiny drops leading to a small pool or mound, is also another tell-tale sign.

Inspect your belongings

Shredded boxes, paper and books. Nibble marks on food left lying uncovered (often with droppings close by). Teeth or gnaw marks on wood, containers, clothing, windows, doors and electrical wires. Wood chips, course sawdust and other particles left behind while chewing. Grease marks and smears, especially along possible entry and exit points where rats might squeeze in to access various areas in your home. Holes and tears in food containers, including packaging for pasta, rice and pet food, as well as soap. These and more are some of the damage marks in your property that will be hard to ignore when you have rodents in your living spaces.

Listen for weird noises

When everyday activity in your house has mellowed down, you might hear sounds that signal the presence of rodents. These noises include squeaks, small clawed feet scampering and rustling. You may also hear the noise of their determined teeth chomping on a choice target. These sounds are more noticeable at night, since rodents are nocturnal creatures. And while mice can also be active even during the day, like rats, they often like to move around when humans are resting and no one can disturb them.

Bad odors

When you enter a room can you notice a peculiar, musty and nasty smell in the air? Specific bad odors can be a sign of a rodent problem.

Having rodents where you live is a serious matter and can escalate quickly into a more complicated situation. Whether it’s just a suspicion or a confirmed infestation, call a trusted Modesto pest control company immediately for the effective elimination. The professionals at AAI Pest Control will help prevent unwanted guests in your home.

Signs of a Rat Infestation Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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