Preventing Rodents

Preventing Rodents from Entering Your Home

Tips for Preventing Rodents from Entering Your Home

The idea of having small, furry invaders in the house, roaming around stealthily while the family is sleeping, is enough to creep people out. But rodents don’t just roam — they are known to make a mess and to spread harmful bacteria and germs as well.

If you wish to feel safe in your abode, preventing rodents from entering your home is one thing that you should do. A Modesto pest control company shares tips for going about this task successfully.

  • Make your home clean and “clean-smelling.”

Do you know that critters like ants and mice can catch a whiff of spilled fruit juice from far away, and they will travel the distance just to get to the source of the scent? Cleaning your home thoroughly and making it smell fresh and clean will repel the critters. Top scents to drive away rodents are lavender, eucalyptus, sage, and grapefruit. You can incorporate these scents into your home cleaners.

  • Use polyester insulation that is heat-bonded for your home.

Mice and other rodents are attracted to the warm conditions where insulation is installed. You can prevent them from nesting in your home’s insulation by using polyester insulation that is heat-bonded. This type of insulation makes it resistant to rodents’ scratching; as such, these pests won’t bother trying to get in anymore.

  • Close off all possible entryways.

Drainages with removable drain covers are favorite entry points for mice and other small rodents. Attaching the drain covers permanently in place will prevent the tiny creepy crawlers from entering your home. If you prefer to keep your drain covers removable, it’s best to place a heavy weight over them if not in use. Inspect crawl spaces as well such as holes in your vents and walls for wiring because most rodents can squeeze into holes that are just ¼ of an inch in size.

A Modesto pest control company also recommends keeping your doors and windows closed. If you have the tendency to keep the back or garage door open for a long time, or your windows, then that just makes entering your home a breeze for all kinds of pests.

  • Chop off tree branches that can serve as a bridge leading into your home.

If you have trees with long branches that extend to your attic windows and roof, chop them off. Rodents can use long branches as bridges to get into your home. Make sure those branches are short enough to make roof jumping unsuccessful.

Prevention is key to ensuring rodents don’t invade your home. Contact your local Stockton Pest Control company today. The professionals at AAI Pest Control are ready to help.






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