Preventing an Earwig Infestation

Preventing an Earwig Infestation

Preventing an Earwig Infestation

Earwigs get a bad rap, mostly due to their appearance and old wives’ tales.

Just one quick look at an earwig will cause nightmares for many people. Its appearance is unmistakable, characterized by large pincers at the tail end of its abdomen. In males, the pincers are curved while in females, the pincers are straight.

It also doesn’t help that people still hold on to the old wives’ tale that these insects, given the chance, burrow into the ears of sleeping people to lay their eggs.

According to an expert from AAI Pest Control, it is, in theory, possible for earwigs to go inside the human ear. But rarely does this occur.

Another misconception about these insects is the threat of a bite. True, these insects do bite humans with their pincers, but only as a defense mechanism when provoked and left to defend itself when trapped in a corner. And no, these insects are not venomous. The bite of an earwig does hurt, though.

Pest or not

In small numbers, earwigs can actually be beneficial, especially in gardens where they prey upon harmful insects. Apart from that, these insects aid in the decomposition of organic matter by eating these.

Trouble comes when earwigs amass in great numbers. A large population of these insects can wreak havoc in a garden. These insects will feast on your plants and even seedlings.

How do earwigs get on your property in the first place?

According to a professional from a Modesto pest control company, earwigs invade properties primarily because of the availability of food sources. These include insects, trees, and decaying organic matter.

Broadly speaking, the presence of earwigs in a garden simply means that you have a thriving eco-system. It is also worthwhile to clarify the belief that these insects cause trees to rot and die. The truth is that earwigs feast on decaying wood because the tree is already infected and rotting.

Earwigs can get inside your home through different means. The insects can hitchhike their way indoors through potted plants and wet paper. Some venture inside homes seeking moisture, including water from leaking pipes and faucets.

The easiest way to prevent an earwig infestation is to apply diatomaceous earth around your plants. Diatomaceous earth is a type of rock that can easily crumble and can prevent earwigs from getting near your plants.

Inside your home, your best defense against an infestation is to eliminate sources of moisture. If you like placing potted plants inside your home, make sure that you carefully inspect these before bringing these inside your home. Do take note that eggs of earwigs can wind their way down to the roots and you may need to replace your pots.

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