Pincher Bugs

Should You Be Concerned About Pincher Bugs?

Are Pincher Bugs Dangerous?

Earwigs (also known as pincher bugs) are often found in homes and storage facilities. Many are quite afraid of them because they do look rather nasty. Often, they even get mistaken for little scorpions because of their pincher-like appendages. It’s common to hear ear-piercing screams from freaked-out folks whenever these small insects make an appearance and move surprisingly quickly.

But are pincher bugs dangerous?

Not really. They’re not out to harm people, and contrary to the old myth that they crawl into people’s ears, there aren’t really any reported cases of that ever happening. They do bite, though, but this only happens if they are sat on or played with (like when curious children try to catch them). But even if pincher bugs bite, you’re not likely to suffer much because their bites are just mildly painful; plus, they don’t have poison. If you leave them alone, they will do the same. Pretty harmless, right?

Pincher Bugs In Your Home

Here’s the thing, however: If you do find these bugs in your house, it’s still best to get rid of them. You wouldn’t want them roaming around and scaring people with their nasty appearance. Also, the last thing you want is to suddenly find them in your bathroom, the kitchen (where you keep your food), and a damp basement; all sorts of accidents can happen when people get an evil-looking surprise.

Health Hazards

It’s important to mention as well that since they’re crawlers, pincher bugs carry dirt and bacteria with them. They’re not like awful cockroaches, but they do carry contaminants and will compromise the safety of your home.

Prevention Tips 

It’s easy enough to prevent earwigs or pincher bugs from getting into your house. By sealing off cracks and holes outside your home with putty, you automatically get rid of common access points for these insects. Do place weather strips on doors and windows so they can close really tight since these are access points as well.

In addition to those, using a dehumidifier for damp basements is also advisable since pincher bugs are attracted to moisture; by getting rid of moisture, the bugs will be less encouraged to enter your home. And of course, cleanliness is always a good preventative method.

But if you already see some in your home and you want to get rid of them right away before their population grows, leading experts in pest control in Stockton have various means to get rid of these insects. These pest control services can also get rid of other seemingly harmful creepers in your home such as spiders, moths, and ants.


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