Why You Need a Pest Inspection When Buying a Home

Crucial Reasons to Schedule a Pest Inspection When Buying a Home

A pest inspection is usually the last thing in the minds of most home buyers. After all, there are just too many considerations to think about when you’re buying a home. There’s the price, the paperwork, and the negotiations, to name some. Does the property look great enough, and is the size sufficient for the family? What about the location, the standards of living and the quality of schools in the area? How is the neighborhood? With all these concerns and more, it’s understandable why the thought of creepy crawlies gets the least attention for many people.

But if you truly think about how your choice of home can impact not just your finances but also your overall quality of life, then it becomes easy to understand why you need a pest inspection when buying a home. The presence of pests in a property can lead to high repair costs, cause health risks, and result in unsightly damage.

The following are some of the top reasons why hiring a professional pest inspector can be one of the smartest pre-purchase steps to take:  

Avoid Hidden Costs

Pests such as termites can cause extensive damage to a property’s foundation and other parts. If the infestation has gone undetected, repairing the damage can be highly expensive – statistics show that repairing termite damage cost American homeowners billions of dollars a year. In some cases, the damage is so extensive that the only course of action is to tear down the property.

See Beyond the Obvious

Pest problems can appear in both old and new properties. Yes, you could look for tell-tale signs of infestations, but often the visible signs only manifest when the problem is already at an advanced stage. Working with a licensed pest inspector allows for a complete and thorough assessment of the entire property. A professional team will have the training, experience and tools to uncover the presence of pests that may not be visible to the naked eye.   

Enjoy Mutual Benefits

Conducting a pest inspection benefits both the homebuyer and home seller. For the buyer, the results of the inspection will be essential for them to make the final decision. For the seller, it’s an additional, significant proof for showing the real value of the property. If the inspection shows there are no pests in the property, then it can provide peace of mind to all involved. If the property turns out to be positive for pests, then it paves the way for the buyer and seller to look into the next steps sensibly, such as negotiating on the price to account for repairs and treatment, or any other moves as recommended by the professional pest inspector.

Always check with your Realtor but when it comes to the up front cost of home inspections, specifically the pest inspection, we encourage you to always air on the side of caution. Scheduling a professional pest inspection will always pay off in piece of mind. Contact the professionals at AAI Pest Control to set up your new home pest inspection today! 

Why You Need a Pest Inspection When Buying a Home Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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