Pest control problems from the California drought

Pest Control During the California Drought

How to handle pest control problems that arise due to the California Drought

The dwindling water supply brought about by the California drought has adversely affected various sectors, from farmers to property owners. Often discussed in the news are brown lawns, dried up wells and the possibility of wildfires. Thankfully we have had tons of rain lately giving us a small break from all of this drought business. Water experts say that El Nino could help California out of the drought. 

One effect that rarely gets attention from the mass media, and something that people from other parts of the country are vaguely aware of: How the California Drought Affects Pest Control. Here we learn more about pest control problems that can arise due to the California Drought. 

How the drought affects animals

Scientists have observed that long stretches of droughts can change animal behaviors. For examples, birds migrate to more populated areas. There is often a boom in the population of feral cats. Bears foray into lower elevations than they normally do. This can be a concern for Northern California residents. 

What homeowners should know

As for homeowners, one tangible effect of drought that they have to add to their list is pests invading their homes.

The reason is simple: Your home has everything that they need in order to survive (food, shelter, water). As the temperature rises, these creatures make a mad dash toward every possible source of water—from the pails you use to collect water for your plants down to that drippy faucet that you should have replaced ages ago.

But apart from the dwindling supply of water, this sudden increase in population and activity of pests is simply because most bugs thrive in warmer climates. Many species of insects typically reproduce during early spring and mature earlier.

Apart from the usual hassles associated with pest infestation, experts have also noted the sudden spike in the number of cases of Lyme disease, West Nile Virus and dengue fever. These diseases often spread quickly in dry and hot areas.

But what can you do in the face of this threat?

The biggest threat that most California homeowners have to deal with are ants. And they will want three things from you: food, shelter and water. The best thing that you can do is to eliminate sources of food and moisture. After cleaning up your home, make sure that areas that are often wet, such as the kitchen sink, are always wiped dry. This pest control tip makes sense whether we are in a drought or not. 

After that, you will need to seal off possible entry points, including cracks near doors, windows and pipes.

Although the drought adversely affects termites, which need a moist environment in order to thrive, you should not be complacent. Avoid placing mulch near your home, and be sure to have a pest control technician do a termite inspection at least once a year. A termite problem that goes undetected can be an expensive problem to fix if it is not fixed early. 

As for the other insects, that commonly come inside to share the comfort of your home like bed bugs, beetles and roaches, be sure to keep them away with regular pest control service. Also, you should make sure that the members of your household, including the four-legged ones, are updated with their shots.

If you are currently struggling with a pest control issue as a result of the California drought, take action, schedule an appointment with your local pest control company today!

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