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What You Need to Know About Boxelder Bugs

What You Need to Know About Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs derive their name from the fact that these bugs are predominantly found on or around boxelder trees. However, they can also be found on ash trees and maple trees. So, what are boxelder bugs and why should you be concerned about them? Read on and discover the answers to these and other related questions.

What Do These Bugs Look Like?

Boxelder bugs are generally black with orange or reddish markings on their back. Nymphs are red and don’t have wings. Adults grow to about half an inch in length, and their bodies are flat and elongated. Boxelder bugs are found in large groups, especially when they are looking for overwintering sites.

Should I Be Concerned About Them?

Boxelder bugs are predominantly nuisance bugs and hardly pose any danger to humans. However, Stockton pest control experts have had reports about these bugs occasionally using their sharp mouthparts to pierce the exposed skin on humans, resulting in irritation akin to mosquito bites.

Otherwise, the biggest problem you are likely to face when these pests get into your home is the stains to curtains and other fabrics as these boxelder bugs excrete their reddish droppings. The bugs also leave a distinctive disagreeable odor when crushed. Dead boxelder bugs attract other pests, such as beetles, into the home.

How to Prevent Boxelder Bug Infestations

Boxelder bugs usually get into homes and other built structures in order to overwinter. You should, therefore, take preventive steps to stop them from finding their way into your home. Pest control experts in Stockton recommend that you start by caulking or sealing any openings through which these bugs can get into your home. AAI Pest Control also suggests that you spray a residual insecticide in all voids and baseboards in order to prevent these bugs from finding harborage there. It is also helpful to install insect screens on all doors and windows to keep the bugs out.

How to Eliminate Boxelder Bugs

What do you do when you observe boxelder bugs inside your home? The fact that they are likely to be present in large numbers may prompt you to instinctively start spraying them with an insecticide. Don’t do this. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the boxelder bugs. As already mentioned, dead boxelder bugs attract other pests into your home, and you don’t want to do that. Only use an indoor spray as a last resort when all else isn’t working. Talk to a Stockton pest control professional for recommendations of the best sprays to use.

Professional Help Can Combat This Pest Problem

Once boxelder bugs get into your home, it is hard to keep them out on your own. Enlist expert help from AAI Pest Control and our applicators will inspect your home to identify where the bugs could have passed to get in. Priority is given to keeping the boxelder bugs out before attention can be turned to dealing with those indoors. Our trained personnel will use eco-friendly products and techniques to get rid of the bugs inside your home so that you can be free to use that space by yourself and your family.

Boxelder bugs aren’t the only pest control problem that homeowners face. Get in touch with us at AAI Pest Control if you ever observe any pest activity inside or outside your home. We are at your service and will give you all the information and pest control services that you need cost-effectively.

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