Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito Prevention – What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Prevention

Have you ever wondered why some people seem more prone to mosquito bites? It’s not just your imagination. Some individuals are really more “appetizing” to these blood-sucking insects. You’ll be able to understand why this is the case once you understand the scientific explanation of what attracts mosquitoes. Here are a few tips for mosquito prevention. 

Experiments show that mosquitoes are attracted to the following:

Old sweat. This means the sweat has been on your skin for some time, long enough for some bacteria to act into it and even multiply while they’re there. This type of sweat emits a fermented smell that makes mosquitoes swoon.

Foot odor. Another study shows that foot odor (even the stink left on used socks) can act as a signal for food for mosquitoes.

Heat and movement. It’s a warm afternoon, and you’re outdoors running or exercising or doing any physical activity. Expect mosquitoes to be drawn to the heat of your body, breath and sweat.

Certain microbes. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain microbes that humans naturally host on their skin. If you have more of these particular microbes, then mosquitoes will most likely go for you.   

Certain chemical compounds. Among all kinds of human odors, mosquitoes have a special attraction to carbon dioxide, ammonia, lactic acid, octanol and carboxylic acid. Again, if you emit a lot of one or some of these chemicals, chances are you’ll often find mosquitoes to be buzzing more around you than other people.

Given these findings, it’s tempting to think that only staying indoors and staying still can save you from mosquitoes since you don’t have any control over the chemicals your body emits. But this shouldn’t be the case. You can (and should) enjoy the outdoors, have fun with your activities and take advantage of fine weather. The key to mosquito prevention is knowing how to eliminate mosquitoes in your property and keep them away from you when you go to other places.

Mosquito Prevention For Your Home

At home, make sure there is no place or opportunity for mosquitoes to settle and breed. Drain any standing water in the property and regularly clean dark and moist places that mosquitoes love. When going outdoors during mosquito season, dress in protective clothing such as light and long-sleeved tops and fitted pants. Also, apply repellents but choose natural and herb-based ones because most chemical products contain substances that may be harmful when used for the long-term.

The Severity Of Mosquito Bites

Finally and most importantly, keep in mind that mosquito bites can pose serious threats to your health. Some varieties carry certain types of viruses that cause diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever and other conditions that are potentially life-threatening. Thus, if you have a mosquito problem in your area, simple home remedies and DIY measures may not be enough. Call pest control experts to make sure the problem is addressed in the most urgent and effective manner.   

Mosquito Prevention – What Attracts Mosquitoes? Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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