mosquito control

Mosquito Control

A Preventive Effort Against Potentially Deadly Diseases

Some of the peskiest pests around are mosquitoes; they breed all year round and it’s just so hard to annihilate them all. What’s even more concerning about the bloodsuckers is that they’re often carriers of potentially deadly diseases; take, for example, dengue and malaria, which are not really prevalent in the US but are known to cause deaths in hot and tropical locations around the world.

Nobody wants to live in a place that’s highly populated with mosquitoes because these insects are really no good and they bring contamination everywhere they go. Perhaps their only contribution to the world is that they’re the perfect food for green speckled frogs, lizards, bats and other insect-eating creatures.

Now that the weather is becoming much cooler and there are occasional rain showers, water tends to collect in various places, becoming ideal breeding spots for these pests. As such, it’s imperative to take measures for mosquito control.

Homeowners are encouraged to keep their properties as dry and clean as they can to prevent mosquitoes from finding ideal places to lay their eggs. Downspouts should be kept dry and free from matted fallen leaves. Garbage should be disposed of properly as well, as any type of moisture tends to attract pests—mosquitoes included (perhaps it’s time to bring out those citronella and eucalyptus candles to ward off the little bugs). And for households that want to fully get rid of mosquitoes to keep family members safe, pest control services in the area provide special services to address mosquito problems among local residences.

Local Mosquito Prevention in Lodi and Ripon

As for community-wide prevention, local officials have commenced community-wide pest control. Lodi and Ripon health officials have begun spraying operations to combat the pests, knowing how mosquitoes tend to rise from their dark hiding places when the sun sets, when the weather cools even more, and when there’s a lot of moisture in the air.

Ground spraying for adult mosquito control is carried out using Propyl 525, at night, once a week. This mosquito control effort is greatly concentrated in strategic places where adult mosquitoes are likely to hide most of the time such as sewers, rural sections of town, and vacant places where there’s dense vegetation. Meanwhile, aerial spraying is carried out using Trumpet EC on a different day, which is also aimed at targeting adult mosquitoes which are disease carriers and the peskiest fliers around.

All these efforts are expected to decrease the massive population of mosquitoes leaving itchy bites on the skin. And hopefully, nobody will get seriously ill due to these pesky mosquitoes during this time of the year.




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