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Learn More About the Two Most Dangerous Spiders in Northern California

Spiders have earned a reputation as some of the animal kingdom’s most fearsome creatures. Perhaps it’s because of their unusual appearance. The depiction of these creatures in movies and TV shows have not really helped endear them to the hearts of most people.

But according to Modesto pest’s control company, most species of spiders are actually harmless. In fact, some are even highly useful, feeding on harmful pests.

There are, however, two dangerous spiders in Northern California that people should be aware of: the black widow and the recluse. What makes these spiders dangerous? Here’s a brief look at the two.

Black widow

The Western Black Widow is commonly found in the western part of the country.

The female of the species is considered more dangerous because of its poisonous bites. The female is characterized by its black color and red hourglass marking on the lower abdomen.

The male, on the other hand, is often considered to harmless.

This spider is nocturnal and can be commonly found hanging upside down near the center of its web.

Although the bite of the black widow is venomous, a bite does not necessarily lead to death, especially if proper treatment is applied promptly. However, the bite of the black widow can be fatal to the elderly, the frail and young children

Black widows rarely attack, choosing to scamper away when they feel threatened. However, a female black widow can bite when it is guarding its eggs or when it is accidentally pinched or pressed against.


The Brown Recluse family includes the Arizona Recluse, Baja Recluse, Desert Recluse, Chilean Recluse, Russell’s Recluse, and Martha’s Recluse. These spiders are considered to be the most poisonous spiders in California.

It should be noted that not all members of the Brown Recluse family have a brown color. Also, some of these do not have the violin markings associated with recluses.

Like black widows, recluses are nocturnal, preferring to hide in dark places. As the name implies, the recluse can be difficult to find.

Most cases of recluse bites happen when someone accidentally touches the spider.

Avoiding spider bites

One of the most important things that you can do to avoid getting bit by either of these two spiders is to learn how to identify both. It also helps to know the areas where these spiders can be commonly found.

If you are working in dark places or areas where you cannot fully see (like when you are reaching above shelves), wear gloves or similar protective gear.

Finally, before wearing clothes and other garments you have not worn for quite some time, it is advisable to shake these out first.

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Learn More About the Two Most Dangerous Spiders in Northern California Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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