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How to Prevent Kitchen Pests

The last place you’d want to find pests would be in the kitchen. The irony here is that the kitchen would be the first place they’d hit because that’s where the food is.

You really don’t want pests in the kitchen as the situation would be gross, creepy, and actually hazardous to your health. Bugs and vermin can chew through containers and contaminate your food. They can also leave their wastes in your drawers and cabinets.

It’s a continuous battle to keep pests out of the kitchen, but the health, safety, and sanity of your family depend on your commitment to keep those creatures out. If you want to be on top of the situation, here are some tips on how to prevent kitchen pests:

Regularly Clean Up Right After Meals

Wash the dirty dishes. Wipe down tables, countertops, stove tops, and any other surface that may have tidbits of food on them. Sweep the floor. Store leftovers in airtight containers. Not only will pests be unable to get to your food, they also won’t have cause to invade your kitchen in the first place.

Stock Your Pantry with Canned or Jarred Food Items

Insects and rodents can easily chew through paper, cardboard, and plastic. If you have store-bought items that come in these packages, keep them in airtight bins made of thick and strong plastic.

Use Your Fridge and Freezer More for Storage

They’re usually effective at keeping pests out, and some food items you typically place in the pantry, such as cereals, potatoes, and dried fruit, fare better in the fridge.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Check the holes pipes go through. In the kitchen, these would likely be under the sink. If they are much too wide for the pipes, pests could use them for entry, so seal them with either foam or caulk. What about cracks? Glue or caulk would also work, which would be especially helpful in keeping pesky ants out. Remember that mice can go through a pencil-sized hole, so hunt down every hole and seal even the smallest ones.

Take Out the Trash as Soon as Necessary

Pests love garbage and if you have it sitting in the kitchen, they’ll consider it an invitation to attack.

Regularly Check for the Presence of Pests

Are there exposed food, crumbs, dead bugs, or their droppings in your cabinets? If so, call your Modesto pest control company to investigate further and come up with a fitting solution.

It’s beneficial to learn how to prevent kitchen pests, but don’t take for granted how scrappy they are. There’s really no surefire way to completely banish them from the kitchen, so vigilance is key.

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