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Keep Those Stink Bugs Out

The brown marmorated stink bug is not endemic to the United States. It traveled a great distance, from Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan) to eastern Pennsylvania. From that time on, it established itself as a nuisance to agriculture and a household pest.

As the name implies, stink bugs emit a foul odor, but they do so when they are killed. Therefore, most people who are quite familiar with them cannot just squish them in order to be done with them altogether because that would definitely be a big problem. These insects are so vile that their “death scent” isn’t easy to get rid of. In fact, it sticks to everything it comes in contact with: shoes, fly swatter, the floor, wall – everything.

So, just leave them alone, right? No. According to a Modesto pest control company, stink bugs are also known for damaging produce. They’ll chomp away on fruits such as apples, peaches, figs, mulberries, citrus fruits, and persimmons. Those aren’t all; the brown marmorated stink bug also gravitates toward ornamental plants, weeds, sweet corn, soybeans and beans for human consumption. Leave them alone and they will wreak havoc in a lot of places.

Knowing the extent of trouble these pests create, you certainly don’t want them around your property.

The pest control experts share the following tricks to keep these “stinkers” out:

•    Mechanical exclusion is an effective method of preventing the invasion of these pests. Seal off cracks around your windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, and other common insect entry points with high-quality silicone latex caulk. Likewise, tackle those damaged screens on your door and windows.

•    You should also look into pesticides that can be used in your garden. The first week of fall is an ideal time to have pest control experts start applying this solution to your property because stink bugs become more active during this season.

•    You may also try scattering scented dryer sheets around your home. The scent can repel the bugs and reduce their population. It’s also a nice way of making your home smell pleasant.

•    If you’ve spotted a few stink bugs in your garden, use an old towel to attract the stink bugs. Wet the towel and hang it over a lawn chair or your deck at night. In the morning, you’ll find a great number of stink bugs stuck to it. You can throw away the towel in a faraway location, burn it along with the stink bugs, or simply drown the bugs in a bucket of soapy water.

To learn more effective ways to control stink bugs and other pests, get in touch with your local Modesto pest control company. They have a variety of effective methods for pest management so you won’t have to worry about pest invasion or infestation compromising your quality of life at home.

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