How To Keep Bugs Out Of A Pool

Nothing is more relaxing than floating on an inflatable raft or swimming laps in your pool at home. But the sight of bugs in your pool can quickly mar your backyard oasis and ruin your day.

3 Common Pool Bugs

Mosquitoes – These are some of the most common insects that live in water because they lay their eggs on still water; after hatching, they stay in the water until they reach adulthood.

Water Striders – These looks like large mosquitoes with long splayed legs. They have tiny hairs on their legs to let them stand on water as they look for prey.

Water Boatmen – These insects have a flat body shaped like a boat. Like backswimmers, they also use their legs as oars to push their bodies across the water. Using an envelope of air they store around their body, they can also dive down under the water.

4 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

  1. Install a Pool Cover and a Pool Enclosure

A pool cover is effective at keeping unwanted pests out of your pool. Also, this helps slow down evaporation, thus reducing your water bill and conserving water.

A pool enclosure, on the other hand, is considered the most effective choice because it creates a physical barrier between your guests and the bugs. Enclosures can range from DIY kits to well-designed structures made of fiberglass or glass.

  1. Hang a Lighted Bug Zapper

An electronic bug zapper attracts flying insects. If they enter, it will vaporize them on contact. But take note that this is not effective against crawling bugs. Also, this is not a good option if you aren’t comfortable hearing the continuous sound of an electronic bug zapper.

  1. Eliminate Food Sources

Insects may be making their way into your pool in search of both food and water. Nothing can be done much about the presence of water, but what you can do is to eliminate the food sources of the insects so they won’t dive into your swimming pool.

  1. Perform Regular Pool Maintenance

You can use a pool kit to maintain the right chlorine levels because bugs are often repelled by chlorine. Also, skim your pool of insects, leaves and other debris on a regular basis.

Moreover, you must reduce or eliminate the food sources of these insects. An exterminator in Modesto emphasizes that insects feed on algae and other bugs. You can use an algaecide to help keep the water consistently algae-free.

For help keeping bugs out of your pool, contact a Modesto pest control company now. AAI Pest Control can give you more tips on how to keep bugs out of a pool. Also, they can help treat your pool so you can enjoy quality time swimming with your family and friends.

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