Insider Pest Control Tips

Insider Pest Control Tips: A Trusted Exterminator Shares 5

Effective pest control goes beyond applying a certain treatment to get the job done. To make sure that you won’t experience any issues later on, your exterminator must educate you about the best methods to prevent pest infestation. A Modesto pest control company provides some of the most important insider pest control tips you must follow to keep your home free from any kind of pest.

Top 5 Pest Control Tips

1. Be vigilant about moisture.

Different types of insects thrive in water. As such, even the smallest leaks or drainage problems can invite various pests to enter your home. It is recommended that you address water buildup or pipe damage as soon as you notice the problem to prevent pests from infesting your abode.

Pest problems and cleanliness are not always related. The truth is that even if you keep your home spotless, bugs will still find reasons to enter your home. Moist areas are often the culprit. So you must regularly unclog your gutters and make sure that downward water spouts are directing water away from your home. Most importantly, always keep moisture-prone areas as dry as possible.

2. Deal with structural issues promptly. 

If your home has cracks, holes or any other structural issues, it will be susceptible to pests like rodents finding their way inside. Minimize the possibility of a pest infestation by reinforcing the integrity of your floors and walls promptly.

3. Be familiar with traveling bugs.

Pest infestation might not always develop because of an issue in your home. Sometimes, it can be brought in from the outside. For instance, you can pick up bed bugs during your travels or some of your visitors may bring them on their clothes. So to avoid issues, wash your clothes after each trip and always clean your sheets every time someone stays over.

4. Minimize the use of mulch in your garden.

Decorative garden fillers and mulch can keep your plants looking great during the winter. However, they can also retain moisture. So you must minimize the amount of mulch in your garden and make sure to keep it at least a foot away from the walls of your house – if it is close to your property, it will create an easy entryway for pests to get inside.

5. Inform your neighbors about the problem.

Alert your neighbors if you have pest infestations, most especially if it is a bug or rodent problem. If you are struggling with this issue, your neighborhood will most likely have a rodent infestation as well. In this kind of scenario, communication is very crucial. You need to reach out to those living closest to you and ask if they also need pest control services. By letting the community get involved, you won’t be alone in fighting against rodents and bugs.

Controlling pest infestations is a cooperative effort. Your exterminator cannot do everything – he will also need your help to make sure that your property becomes pest-free. Contact your local Modesto pest control company for more effective pest control tips.

Insider Pest Control Tips: A Trusted Exterminator Shares 5 Professional Pest Control Services in Tracy CA


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